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Reef Construction Machinery Cape Town, part of the PMSA Group, is a manufacturer of Rock Solid moulds for the brick and block making industry, as well as providing services to the industrial energy sector.

Established in April 2015 and based in Blackheath in close proximity to Cape Town International Airport, the company sports a complete drawing and design office, machine shop, boiler shop and service centre running at full capacity 48 weeks of the year.

The company currently has eight personnel and 18 workshop employees dedicated to planning, designing and building the best in long lasting and reusable dry-cast brick casting machines, thus the name “Rock Solid”.

In addition to moulds and machinery for the brick making industry, Reef Construction Machinery also supplies components for the industrial energy sector, mainly for systems fired on agricultural waste products and bagasse. These components are exported worldwide.

The company specialises in the manufacturing of block moulds, paver moulds and special customised retainer moulds as well as the maintenance and repairs of moulds and machinery in the brick-making and wet-cast sectors.

Reef Construction Machinery is very proud and fortunate to be a part of the PMSA Group, as it allows us to provide a much wider service to our customers, with the back-up of a well-established company that has been in the concrete equipment industry since 1976.

Rock Solid Features:

Featuring wear resistant steel and thick outer liners makes for a fantastic low mould with great stability and rigidity.
Wear resistant steel provides for a longer wear life on wear plates. Being replaceable these wear plates also cut the cost on maintaining our moulds as you only need replace what is worn and nothing else. Reusable tampers make for great savings of about 30% when ordering a new mould. On average these moulds yield well over 100 000 drops on pavers and 80000 drops on block moulds with just a tamper re-shoe mid-life in order to preserve the neatness of the final product. The extra thick tamper bases and extra strong bent section legs limit bending while vibrating while windows on the legs allow for cleaning and prevent material hanging on top of the shoes. The extra thick tamper base provides longevity, as well as preventing deformation during vibration resulting in a dramatic reduction in vibration time causing the end product to be super compact with reduced cement requirements.

Rock Solid Standard Paver Moulds:

Our expertise in the paving industry give our customers a wide range of products to choose from: Bond Brick, Interlockers, Permeable Paving and cobble.

Mould Specifications and features:

-          Blind nibs on liners to give a solid compacted nibbed product.

-          Special imported hard wearing liner plates.

-          High dimension accuracy.

        -         Tamper shoe accessibility slots.

Bond Brick Standard Paver Front View

Bolt on Tamper Stopper Detail                Bond Brick Standard Paver             Bond Brick Paver Shoe
                                                                  Assembly View

Rock Solid Insert Paver Moulds:

The new design for paver moulds gives our customers a robust mould with replaceable frame, insert and wear plates. The frame is manufactured under a controlled process for high dimensional accuracy and high standard quality.

Mould Specifications and features:

        -          Frame with long life cycle.

        -          Interchangeable insert and wear plates.

        -          High dimensional accuracy.

        -          Blind nibs on liners to give a solid compacted nibbed product.

        -          Efficient maintenance and cleaning.

        -          Mould with hard wearing material.

        -          Cost Effective

Bond Brick Insert Mould Blow Up View

        Bond Brick Insert Paver                 Bond Brick Insert Paver          Bond Brick Bolt On Shoes
                Front View                                  Assembly View                         and Core Bars

Rock Solid Block Moulds:

Our block moulds are specially designed and are unique to suit different types of machines. Depending on customer specifications we offer semi-closed, fully open and totally closed core block moulds with a standard wall thickness of 25mm, 27mm, 30mm and 32mm.

Mould specifications & features:

-          High dimensional accuracy.

-          Top and bottom liner plates are welded on junctions for extra rigidity.

-          Stainless steel core bars are used for extra strength and durability.

Thickened outer mould plates made from wear-resistant steel for improved mould rigidity and longer wear life.

 Block Mould Front View

      Block Mould Welding and            Block Mould Assembly View            Block Mould Nib Detail
           Clearance Detail

Rock Solid Grass Block Moulds:

Soil erosion blocks or soil stabilising blocks have been used successfully on water canals, drainage control outlets, waterlogged areas, road surfacing and parking areas. Our Rock Solid moulds provide a solution in this regard meeting engineers’ specifications. We help with the designing of these blocks and manufacture these specialised moulds to specification.

Mould specifications and features:

-          High dimensional accuracy.

-          Constant block weight.

-          Stainless steel core bars are used for extra strength and durability.

G8 Grass Block Front View

Rock Solid Retainer Moulds:

We provide a wide variety of retainer mould: Greenlock, Terra Force and many other varieties.

Mould specifications and features:

-          High dimensional accuracy.

-          Special imported hard wearing liner plates.

-          Efficient maintenance and cleaning access

G8 Grass Block Leg Window Detail   G8 Grass Block Assembly View      G8 Grass Block Nib Detail

R12 Retainer Front View

  R12 Retainer Welding and Clearance            R12 Retainer Assembly View        R12 Retainer Leg Window Detail

Rock Solid Kerb Stone Moulds:

We have recently introduced a solid range of kerb stone moulds. Most kerbs were manufactured from wet cast moulds, but with this new method of manufacturing we have ensured customers of high productivity with a consistent and accurate product.

Mould specifications and features:

-          High dimensional accuracy.

-          Consistent product.

-          Solid and rigid mould to provide a well compacted product

Kerb Stone Mould Front View

       Kerb Stone Nib Detail #1               Kerb Stone Assembly View             Kerb Stone Nib Detail #2

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