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Block, brick & paving making machines for a number of industries


Pan Mixers South Africa or PMSA is Africa’s leading manufacturer of concrete block, brick and paving making machines. Block and brick making machines are used in the production of a variety of concrete blocks and bricks, primarily within the construction industry.

Our block and brick machines can be manually or hydraulically operated and come with varying specifications and output capabilities, depending on the size of the operation. The entry level brick machines and block machines are manufactured and designed to be used by unskilled labourers and are labour efficient making them the ideal tool for both small and medium enterprises. The larger brick, block and paver making machines are designed for larger scale operations. They are available as semi-automated and fully automated with the options of automated product handling or manual product handling for larger operations.

Types of block machines

Large capacity block machines produce between 100,000 to 165,000 bricks in a nine hour production shift, making these the largest brick, block and paver making machines built in Africa.

Medium capacity brick & block making machines 

Small capacity block machines produce between 5,000 to 17,000 bricks in a nine hour production shift for the start-up or rural type block, brick and paver making operation

Clients using block machines

We have a wide range of customers using our paving, brick and block machines:
Construction companies generally use bricks and blocks in their daily activities and can therefore cut back on a large portion of costs by buying our block machines and producing their own bricks instead of buying them from a supplier.

Brick and block producing plants can benefit from PMSA’s expert advice and consultation when purchasing new block machines from us. Plant layout and efficiency analysis might indicate how small changes can make a big difference.

Farmers and small holdings making use of block machines can help farmers produce their own blocks and bricks used in building structures on their farms or small holdings.

Many NGO’s involved in building RDP houses and other structures for underprivileged communities in the developing world need bricks. In many cases theses communities are inaccessible by transportation and the costs of transporting large amounts of bricks and blocks can be very high. This puts a drain on funds, therefore owning block machines makes life a whole lot easier for NGOs involved in building homes, schools and a variety of structures.

Advantages and benefits of having your own block machines

  • You cut out the middle man in the production of bricks and blocks
  • Customise the machine you buy to suit your operation perfectly
  • Save time and money on transportation costs by producing blocks and bricks on- site
  • Choose between different moulds to fit the project specifications

Be assured:

  • Quality of bricks and blocks you produce instead of depending on another company’s workmanship
  • Flexible production schedules can ensure optimisation of resources and man-power

PMSA manufacture and supply block paving machines for a wide range of industries. Contact us for more information regarding our paving block machines.

If you are looking for a trusted manufacturer of block machines and other concrete brick and paving machinery please do not hesitate to contact Pan Mixers South Africa today.

Local:  086 100 PMSA (7672)
Tel:      +27 11 578 8600
Fax:     27 11 578 8800


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