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The PMSA Hydraulic UNI block making machine manufactures up to 17000 standard bricks per
9-hour production shift as well as high quality paving and hollow blocks.

It is fitted with double mould-lift cylinders and a balancing shaft for hydraulic mould lifting and
lowering, hydraulically holding the mould onto the pallet during vibration. The Hydraulic UNI is a
user friendly machine because no effort is required to strip the mould.

The pallet magazine holds up to 8 pallets with a hydraulically operated pallet feeder which
automatically feeds the pallets from the magazine.

The hydraulic power pack and control panel are mounted separately to avoid damage due to the
vibration found on the machine.


      Heavy-duty four column design
      Easily replaceable brass / vesconit bushes
      1.5 kW twin shaft vibrator with adjustable weights for powerful vertical directional vibration
        resulting in high compaction of products
      Vibrating table with replaceable wearing strips on two stabiliser bars for high dimensional
      Hydraulic pallet feeder magazine
      Adjustable mould pressure
      Tamper brush for the cleaning of tamper shoes
      Three meter roller conveyor for faster product removal

Control Panel:

  Isolator switch
      Pre-vibration timer
      Main vibration pushbutton switch
      Easy operator adjustment of pre-vibration time for ensuring consistent compaction and height
       of product


  Hydraulic tamper movement
PMSA Hydraulic UNI PMSA Hydraulic UNI  
PMSA Hydraulic UNI in action    
  Machine Specifications: Hydraulic UNI  
  Machine height 1 475mm  
  Machine width 1 000mm  
  Machine length 2 575mm  
  Machine weight 850kg  
  Pallet size 608 x 530 x 21mm
  Vibratory Drive motor 1.5kW  
  Hydraulic power pack 2.2kW  
  Production Schedule: Approx. production per 9 hour shift
(with skilled workers) 
  No. of products per pallet Up to:  
  220 x 70 x 100-106mm (14 bricks) 17 000  
  200 x 100 x 50-60 or 80mm
  (10 pavers, interlocking or bevel edge)
10 000  
  450 x 228 x 152mm (3 hollow bricks) 3 000  
  450 x 228 x 114mm (5 hollow bricks) 5 000  
  390 x 190 x 190mm (3 hollow bricks) 3 000  
  390 x 190 x 140mm (4 hollow bricks) 4 000  
  390 x 190 x 90mm (5 hollow bricks) 5 000  
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