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P1000 Mixer

The PMSA P1000 litre counter current rapid pan mixer is available in a dust proof enclosed & stationary design.


      Up to 1 000 litres / 1 300kg dry filling capacity
      Driven in a clockwise direction but cut gear transmission & 7.5kW geared motor drive
      Pan floor & wall are fitted with easily replaced hard wearing lined segments or optional high alumina 
        ceramic tiles & tungsten carbide mixing arms & tools
      Electro-hydraulic discharge gate operation with 1.1kW
      Electrically mounted twin bladed mixing star-driven in an anticlockwise direction by overhead 11kW
       geared motor drive
      Parts in contact with the mix are easily replaced
      Central floor discharge is operated by an electro-hydraulic power pack, suitable for automatic
       operation & remote control
      Upper & lower limit switches & upper emergency limit switch
      Supplied complete with weigh batching plants
      Supplied with or without 1 000 litre bottom discharge loader skip

Mixer mounted microwave moisture sensing equipment for automatic control of the moisture content in the mix.
PMSA P1000 batching plant feeding a VB4 machine PMSA P1000 counter-current rapid pan mixer  
PMSA P1000 for concrete preparation with cement scale PMSA P1000 counter-current rapid pan mixer  
  Machine Specifications: P1000  
  Pan diameter 1 700mm  
  Pan wall height 720mm  
  Dry filling capacity 1 000ltrs  
  Pan drive 7.5kW  
  Star drive 11 - 15kW
  Mixer with loader 3 800kg  
  Hourly output in concrete (30 cycles/hour) 22.5m cubed  
  Maximum Batch Weight 1 300kg  
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