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P500 Mixer

The PMSA P500 counter current rapid pan mixer is available in an open & stationary design.


      Up to 600 litres / 700kg dry filling capacity
      Mixing pan carried on a sealed ball bearing turntable
      Driven in a clockwise direction by cut gear transmission & 4kW geared motor drive
      The pan floor & wall are fitted with easily replaced hear wearing lined segments or optional high
       alumina ceramic tiles & tungsten carbide coated mixing arms & tools
      Electro-hydraulic discharge gate operation with 1.1kW power
      Eccentrically mounted twin bladed mixing star driven in an anti-clockwise direction by overhead
       7.5kW geared motor drive
      Parts in contact with the mix are easily replaced
      Central floor discharges are either operated by a hand hydraulic or by electro-hydraulic power pack
      Suitable for automatic operation & remote control
      500 litre tilting loader skip
      4kW winch drive with flanged on electro-magnetic break
      Upper & lower limit switches & upper emergency limit switch
      Complete with switch panels wired to terminals
      Supplied complete with batching plants

Mixer mounted microwave sensing equipment for automatic control of the moisture content mix
PMSA P500 counter-current rapid pan mixer PMSA P500 counter-current rapid pan mixer  
PMSA P500 counter-current rapid pan mixer feeding a VB1 machine PMSA P500 counter-current rapid pan mixer feeding a VB1X machine  
  Machine Specifications: P500  
  Pan diameter 1 500mm  
  Pan wall height 500mm  
  Dry filling capacity 600ltrs  
  Pan drive 4kW  
  Star drive 7.5kW
  Mixer with loader 2 200kg  
  Hourly output in concrete (30 cycles/hour) 13.5m cubed  
  Maximum Batch Weight 700kg  
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