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Equipment RE 1400

RE 1400 Block Machine

PMSA block making machines are for the manufacture of concrete bricks, blocks and paving. The machines are manufactured to heavy-duty standards to ensure long life, high performance and the manufacture of quality products.

      Machine frame is constructed from heavy-duty tubular steel
      40 mm hard-wearing pins are secured by integral locking plates and fitted to M40 self-aligning
       swivel bearings for trouble-free, long-life operation
      80 mm hard-chromed columns with split vesco-nylon bushes and housings for easy replacement
       and maximum wear resistance
      Heavy-duty balancing shaft to keep the machine tamper & mould perfectly aligned
      Machine tamper and vibrator tables are precision ground
      The two or four 7.5 KW single shaft vibrators are mounted on a single vibration table for vertical
       directional vibration controlled by VSD for frequency control
      Hard-wearing mould boxes and tampers are precision made to customer specifications
      Fully automatic operation with variable frequency vibration
      Machines are supplied with linear and shaft transducers/encoders for closed loop control
      Complete with with high performance hydraulic system, servo-proportional hydraulic valves and
        electronic/electric control panels
      Supplied with P1500, EPM 2250 or EPM3000 counter-current pan mixer
      Semi- or fully automatic weigh batching, pallet and product handling systems
      Production capacity of 165,000 bricks or 105,000 pavers or 1,600 pallets of hollow blocks per
       9-hour production shift (depending on product, mixer size and material flow)
      All machine parameters can be changed using a touch-screen interface while machine is in
       operation. This means instant adaptation to changing moisture content and aggregate consistency 
       without stopping the machine
      Pneumatic tamper and mould clamping for better vibration control. This system also provides for
        fast mould and tamper changes
      Hydraulic height adjustment of the feed box table and concrete holding hopper assembly using an   
       encoder for positional feedback with mechanical dead-stops
      Pneumatically controlled feed box scrapers (both front and rear)
      Heavy-duty tamper brake assembly machined from a single steel block
      Adjustable feed box rake and divider plates in the feed box
      Excellent compaction due to pneumatic mould clamping, proportional hydraulic control and high
       tamper weight


      Continuous vibration system for frequency and amplitude control using shaft encoders
       (4 vibrator system only)
      Top feed / secondary feed for colouring the top of pavers with same controls as the primary feed box
      SCADA system for visual, animated graphics of machine operation, machine parameter control and
       data capture

Turnkey operations:

PMSA provides turnkey operations for complete concrete block plants to suit customer requirements from manual chain conveyor and gantry systems to fully automatic handling plants with stacker, de-stacker, finger/transfer cars, curing chambers and product packer heads.
PMSA RE-1400/900 with topping feed attachment  PMSA RE-1400/900 with topping feed attachment   
PMSA RE-1400/900 during manufacture  PMSA RE-1400/900 side view   
  Machine Specifications: RE 1400  
  Width 2 970mm  
  Height 4 220mm  
  Length (without topping feed) 5 846mm  
  Length (with topping feed) 8 397mm  
  Pallet size 1400 x 950 x 50mm
  Tamper vibrators 2 x 900W  
  Dynamic braking VSD  
  Maximum product height 400mm  
  Hydraulic pump 45kW with accumulator  
  Vibrators 2 or 4 x 7.5kW  
  Weight (without topping feed) 22 ton  
  Weight (with topping feed) 32 ton  
  Production Schedule: Approx. production per 9 hour shift
(with skilled workers) 
  No. of products per pallet Up to:  
  220 x 70 x 105mm (55 - 66 standard bricks)
137 500 - 165 000
  200 x 100mm (48 interlocking pavers or chamfer pavers)
105 600
  390 x 190 x 140mm (18 hollow blocks)
28 800
  450 x 228 x 152mm (16 hollow blocks)
25 600
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