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Fiori machines: built for any construction site

December 2011

Pan Mixers South Africa or PMSA is the official and certified distributor for Fiori. Fiori is a manufacturer and supplier of concrete batching vehicles, dumper trucks and self-loading concrete mixer trucks. Fiori has a wide range of equipment consisting of the following:

  • Self-propelled Concrete Mixing Systems and Concrete Batching Vehicles (CBV)
  • Reversible Dumper Systems and a range of dumper trucks for the construction and building industry

Fiori is a big player in the construction and building industry both locally and internationally. With over 60 years of expertise in the field of construction machinery and with a presence in almost 100 countries globally, Fiori is a trusted and respected name when it comes to construction. Fiori has been building and developing communities around the world for many years.

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Fiori offers a comprehensive work solution for every kind of construction job: our committed technicians work side-by-side with clients to devise specific and innovative applications that work for them. Fiori machines are being used every day, worldwide, for various kinds of operations big and small including:

  • Housing
  • Curbing
  • Paving
  • Pilling
  • Railways
  • Roads
  • Towering
  • Tunnelling
  • Canal lining
  • Prefabricated building
  • Civil construction

Fiori prides itself in its quality products and patented technology. All Fiori machines are built with their specific mission in mind, ensuring they deliver client’s desired outcomes. This is how Fiori has managed to retain loyalty and keep its local and international markets happy. Fiori Machines include:

SMS machines and mixers

These Fiori machines have been designed to load aggregates, cement and water, to mix them homogenously and then push them directly into the casting area, thus allowing you to mix high quality concrete even without electronic weighting systems! The range of Self-Loading Concrete mixers also includes Concrete Batching Vehicles with Weigh Batching Systems for higher accuracy and certified concrete. The machines are easy and simple to manoeuvre, even in narrow spaces. These machines are an essential and irreplaceable tool in the organisation of any construction site, even where only small amounts of concrete need to be produced.

RDS or Reversible Dumper Systems

Ideal for smaller construction sites, such as mines, where manoeuvring is not so easy, the driving reversibility allows you to proceed in both directions, in the same speed, without having to manoeuvre around narrow spaces. All this whilst maintaining the advantages of a normal dumper truck.

For more information regard Fiori machinery contact PMSA
Local:  086 100 PMSA (7672)
Tel:      +27 11 578 8600
Fax:      27 11 578 8800


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