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VB4X producing hollow blocks RE-600 machine VB1 Econopac  
VB4X - side view VB1X plant during production RE-1400 machine  
VB4X plant during installation Cornet with optional hydraulics RE-600 Econopac before dispatch  
Hydraulic UNI machine Hydraulic UNI machine VB4X in action  
VB4X with topping feed VB4X during production UNI plant  
Ramp for hydraulic UNI RE-1400 during installation RE-1400 plant - side view  
VB4X before dispatch Cornet in action VB1 Econopac with V300  
VB1X plant VB1X with P500 mixer VB4X machine  
VB1 Econopac during production RE-1400 plant RE-1400 being loaded  
hydraulic UNI machine in action VB1 Econopac in action RE-1400 with stacker  
RE-1400 with stacker Hydraulic UNI in action Hydraulic UNI in action  
UNI static machine RE-600 with V300 & loader skip Cornet with V200  
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