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Concrete Floor Grinding, Preparation and Polishing Technology

As part of it Concrete Equipment Solution Pan Mixers (PMSA) through Superb Flooring Systems (Pty) Ltd, distributes HTC products in South Africa and is the sole distributor for HTC Superfloor• products, Twister and the full HTC range.

By becoming partners with PMSA, Superb Flooring Systems has increased its knowledge of concrete and building with concrete. That is why, when you buy an HTC product from Superb Flooring Systems you can rest assured that you are in expert hands.

The HTC range consists of:

  • HTC Greyline machines
  • HTC Twister
  • Professional Grinders
  • Dust Extractors
  • Tools & Accessories.

Find everything about HTC machines, tools and the HTC Twister™ floor maintenance system from or fill out the easy contact form at end of this webpage

Industrial Floor Solutions
Grinding of industrial floors, warehousing floors and factory flooring to high tolerances with HTC ALL system (Automatic Laser Leveling) system.



Retail Floor Solutions
Produce modern floor finishes with a variety of colours by altering the stone content and aggregate colour and size.

Residential Floor Solutions
Grinding and polishing of residential floors to produce an up market, shiny and durable floor finish with HTC Superfloor ®.


Floor grinding, preparation and polishing
For over 20 years, HTC has been the market leader in floor grinding and equipment for floor grinding. The HTC machinery can be used in on a wide range of floor types, from Concrete, Wood and Natural Stone to many more floor types.

HTC•s machinery has been developed for high performance, while remaining user-friendly and providing flexibility. The machine can be used for many work areas.

Professional Floor Grinding machinery
A complete range of diamond floor grinders, preparation, polishing and maintenance machinery and diamond pads and tooling is available.

Floor Cleaning

HTC floor polishing and grinding machines are appreciated by thousands of customers all over the world. The diamond floor grinders are available in several different sizes and versions depending on your needs and demands.

As the supplier of floor grinding equipment PMSA (through Superb Flooring Systems) has the largest range of products available in Southern Africa. HTC•s floor grinders cover everything from edges to areas thousands of square meters.

Superb Flooring Systems (Pty) Ltd is the sole distributor for HTC Superfloor• products, Twister and the full HTC range of grinding machines.

Twister Floor Cleaning Pads • Just Add Water

As part of the offering for Concrete, Grinding and Polishing, we offer Twister, the leading and best technology available for daily and periodic maintenance of all floor types. The Twister floor cleaning range allows for chemical free cleaning of all floor types with only water and a Twister pad. Just Add Water technology reduces the cost of cleaning Polished Concrete Floors for all floor types, while protecting our environment by reducing the usage of chemicals. All of this is done with only water and the Twister pad, producing cleaner, shinier floors and a healthier working and living environment.

For more details and full product information visit or fill out the contact form below.

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