Introducing the Future of Construction through 14TREES-PMSA Innovative 3D Concrete Printing Solutions. 3D Concrete printing represents a leap forward in our industry, unlocking new possibilities in design, efficiency, and sustainability.

Together we are proud to unveil The IROKO™ the ground breaking 3D concrete printing machine that will help revolutionize the construction industry. 14Trees, a world leading innovator in 3D printing technology has joined forces with PMSA, a world leading and renowned manufacturer, with five decades of expertise in concrete machinery, to jointly bring you the next step in construction technology – The IROKO™ a cutting-edge 3D Concrete Printing Machine developed around 3 pillars:

  • Mobility – Built in structural aluminium for strength, light weight and easy assembly without a crane on site; simplicity in site set-up through the patented LevelTrac™ technology for defection compensation and fast setup on any site. LevelTrac™ is protected under South African Patent Application No. 2023/06922.
  • Affordability – Built with affordability in mind to ensure a higher ROI (Return on Investment) for clients to have success faster with 3D Concrete Printing.
  • Reliability – Built to Last, The IROKO ™ is designed for tough conditions and able to work day in and day out for years allowing for an ever decreasing cost of capital.

The powerful partnership between PMSA, with decades of concrete machinery knowledge, and 14Trees, a printing technology pioneer, has birthed a remarkable solution. This precision-engineered Concrete 3D Printing Machine merges traditional construction techniques with innovative 3D printing capabilities, revolutionizing how buildings, infrastructure, and precast elements are created.

14TREES, with PMSA as the manufacturer, has leveraged decades of experience to jointly design and build a robust, reliable, and industry-leading 3D concrete printing machine, in line with PMSA’s “Built to Last” philosophy. Together we have fine-tuned every aspect of the technology to ensure optimal performance and exceptional quality, backed by our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence.

14Trees, brings their extensive experience in the world of 3D printing, infusing their deep knowledge and expertise into every aspect of the IROKO™ 3D concrete printing machine. Together, we have forged a formidable alliance that harnesses the strengths of both companies, propelling us to the forefront of this transformative technology.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we usher in a new era of construction innovation. Embrace the power of 3D Concrete Printing and witness first-hand how it transcends boundaries, accelerates project timelines, optimizes costs, and unlocks unparalleled design possibilities.

The IROKO™ 3D Concrete Printing Machine – prepare for the future, where your architectural visions come to life with speed and efficiency.

Features & Benefits

In this new world, your well-trained team of 4-8 people can go from packed to printing in 1 to 1.5 days (depending on printer size), without the use of a crane. This is made possible by the aluminium structure and plug-and-play electronic systems.

Once assembled, make use of your handheld tablet to move within and around the printer while maintaining complete control.

The IROKO’s ™  advanced data monitoring and recording systems can be used to produce accurate records of environmental and print parameters throughout the printing process. These can be extremely useful to the operators as well as the engineers when it comes to signing off the printed structures.

Some of the benefits that you can expect to experience while using this new technology when using your IROKO™ 3D Concrete Printer are:

  • Servo drive Motors providing Speed and Efficiency: With the ability to rapidly fabricate complex structures in concrete with 3D printing significantly reduces construction time compared to traditional methods.
  • Cost-effectiveness: By minimizing labour and material waste, 3D concrete printing optimizes cost-efficiency. It eliminates the need for formwork and reduces the required manpower, resulting in significant cost savings for construction projects.
  • Purpose built operational software, HMI and SCADA for full Design Freedom and Print Customization: 3D Concrete printing enables architects and designers to unleash their creativity and push past the boundaries of traditional construction. It allows for intricate, customized designs that were previously challenging or impossible to achieve, opening a world of new possibilities.
  • Sustainability: This innovative technology promotes sustainable construction practices. By precisely depositing the required amount of material, 3D concrete printing minimizes waste and reduces the environmental impact associated with conventional construction methods. Additionally, it offers the potential to utilize eco-friendly and recycled materials, further enhancing sustainability.
  • Structural Strength and Durability: 3D Concrete printing produces structures with excellent strength and durability. The precision layering of materials and optimized geometries enhance structural integrity, resulting in robust and long-lasting buildings and infrastructure.
  • Versatility and Adaptability: Whether it is creating complex architectural features, prefabricated elements, or even entire houses, 3D concrete printing is highly versatile. It can be applied to various construction scenarios and adapt to different project requirements, offering flexibility and scalability.
  • Enhanced Safety: By reducing the need for manual labour and onsite construction activities, 3D concrete printing improves safety conditions for workers. It minimizes potential risks associated with traditional construction methods, such as accidents and injuries.
  • Waste Reduction: Traditional construction often generates significant waste, including excess materials and unused formwork. 3D Concrete printing minimizes waste by utilizing only the required amount of material, optimizing resource usage, and contributing to a more sustainable construction industry.

These benefits collectively demonstrate how 3D concrete printing is transforming the construction landscape, providing faster, cost-effective, sustainable, and highly customizable solutions.

Technical Specifications


  • No crane required
  • 1 to 1.5 days from packed to printing (depending on printer size)


  • Gantry style printer
  • Structural Aluminium used for framework
  • Printing area of 13.4m X 9.5m footprint with a height of up to 5.5m depending on plant configuration and printer size
  • Extruder with interchangeable rotating nozzles and LaserTrac™ technology for continuous live tracking of fresh printed layers and automated adjustment for any print layer settlement (print layer settlement will depend on the type of printed concrete, initial concrete slump and concrete characteristics based on mix design of the concrete). LaserTrac™ keeps printed layers level automatically and continuously throughout the day.

Construction Materials:

  • Compatible with both mortar printing ink and on-site concrete multi component batching with larger aggregates over 4mm
  • Print layer width: 30mm up to 80mm wide printing (with different nozzle designs increased print widths are possible).
  • Layer height: 20mm+ (print layer height is concrete printing ink dependent)

Machine Performance:

  • Printing Speed: Maximum of 250mm/s
  • LaserTrac™ and the patented LevelTrac™ technology assists in accuracy of printing and printing consistency under demanding conditions. LevelTrac™ is protected under South African Patent Application No. 2023/06922.

Software and Controls:

  • Printing Software: Industrial Grade Technology (Windows based)
  • User Interface: HMI Panel and portable handheld tablet
  • Remote Access: Offsite access dependent on site internet coverage
  • SCADA System: Printer control and data acquisition allowing for live and post print processing of ambient and machine parameters
  • Slicer: 14TREES purposely built slicer for the IROKO™ 3D concrete printer

Connectivity and Integrations:

  • G Code Upload: Remote upload or USB port on HMI Panel
  • CAD files can be converted to G Code using the 14Trees Slicer currently under development

Power and Operational Requirements:

  • Power Supply: Generator or mains power supply
  • Maintenance: Designed for easy maintenance

Safety Features and Compliance:

  • Emergency Stop Buttons: Found at Extruder, HMI Panel, X and Y axes
  • Emergency Pull Cords: Along Y-Axis (Long Axis) and X-Axis
  • Collision Protection: Extruder will automatically stop if it collides with an object or person
  • Mechanical: Bumpers and guides on each axis to prevent derailment
  • Lasers: Mounted on both X and Y Axis for closed loop feedback control and positioning
  • Software: Numerous software systems to ensure machine operates within safe, legal limits
  • Standards: SANS, EC compliance

We continually strive to enhance our technology, so stay tuned for any updates or improvements that further elevate the performance and capabilities of our 3D Concrete Printing Machinery.

Please note that the above specifications are subject to change and may vary based on specific models or configurations. For detailed and up-to-date technical specifications, please refer to the product documentation or contact

Options and Upgrades

At PMSA and 14Trees, we understand that every construction project has unique requirements. That’s why we offer a range of options and upgrades for our 3D Concrete Printing Machinery, allowing you to customize and enhance its capabilities to meet your specific needs. We are continuously investing in research and development to bring you cutting-edge features and functionalities that will further optimize your printing experience.

Please note that while some options and upgrades are already available, others are still in development. Our team of experts are diligently working to introduce new enhancements that will expand the possibilities of your 3D Concrete Printing Machinery. Stay tuned for updates and releases as we strive to offer you the latest advancements in 3D concrete printing technology.

Our current R&D efforts include batching, mixing, pumping and admixture dosing.

The 14TREES dedicated sales team is ready to guide you through the available options and help you choose the upgrades that align with your project goals. Contact to explore the possibilities and elevate your 3D printing concrete capabilities to new heights.

LevelTrac™ is protected under South African Patent Application No. 2023/06922


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