PMSA® provides a variety of options for the removal and packing of cured concrete products from production boards into packs. A Premium off-packing system for medium, large and very large plants is an alternative to the Eco off-packing and Davit swing-arm off-packing systems where a full range of products, including heavy curbstones and special products, need to be packed.

The powerful electro-hydraulic systems allows for operation at high speed. This provides a packing solution that is ideal for bricks, pavers, maxi bricks, hollow blocks, special products and heavy kerbstones. The rotating, four-sided hydraulic packer head has powerful clamping capacity for heavy products as well as irregular shaped products that are more difficult to clamp and pack. The system is primarily designed for use with a stacker and de-stacker.

The Premium off-packing system is a cost effective electro-hydraulic system that can be used with ULTRA- 3000, RE1400, RE1400-LITE, VB4X, VB4 plants as well as VB1X and VB1 brick, block and paver making plants.


PMSA® customers have found the proven design of the Premium off-packing system enables high efficiency and production capacities of up to 2 800 production boards per 9-hour shift. The Premium off-packing system enables effortless and precise packing of products ready for strapping. It is ideal for fully automated packaging systems where its precision movements reduce breakages and waste.


Design features of the Premium off-packing system include powerful electro-hydraulic control and operation for both high productivity and heavy product off-packing. Precise engineering and high-quality components used in the equipment result in fast and precise packing of end products.

Built to Last®

Buy once, buy right! Built to Last® and engineered with the ability to undertake continuous heavy-duty single or double shift operation, while maintaining precision in packing for decades, with minimal hassle and reduced downtime. Longevity results in a continually reducing cost-to-capital as this equipment does not need to be replaced for decades and ultimately offering an excellent return on investment.

PMSA®, Pan Mixers®, Built to Last® and the PMSA® Company Logo are registered trade marks.

Features & Benefits

PMSA®’s Premium off-packing system is Built to Last® and can be used in medium, large and very large brick, block and paver making plants. Features include:


  • Robustly constructed portal frame ensures minimal deflection and longevity of the structure.
  • Powerful 4-sided hydraulic clamping enables easy lifting of heavy concrete products, such as kerbstones and special products.
  • The 4-sided hydraulic clamping enables irregular shaped concrete products to be easily clamped and packed.
  • Precision-controlled, electrically-driven cross travel of the packer head ensures precise and rapid movement of light or heavy loads.
  • The 180-degree rotating packer head enables layers to be alternated during packing for even product packs.
  • Powerful grab and hydraulic system enables packing of up to 600 kg of products.

Options & Upgrades

Build your plant with various options

  • Product accumulator to double stack cured concrete products before being handled and packed by the packer head (increasing packing speed)
  • 2 or 4 sided block pushers either electro-pneumatic or electro-hydraulically operated
  • Automatic strapping or wrapping of finished product packs

PMSA®, Pan Mixers®, Built to Last® and the PMSA® Company Logo are registered trade marks


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