The PMSA® VB1X brick, block and paver making machine is the best-in-class medium-capacity machine. It is capable of producing 60 000 bricks, 37 800 pavers, 28 800 maxi bricks or 12 000 hollow blocks (140 mm width) per 9-hour shift on a 760 mm x 840 mm wood or composite production board. Depending on plant configuration and options the full plant can be operated with approximately 15 production and product handling staff. The larger production board size on the VB1X allows for higher production capacity compared to the VB1 machine with the same number of production and product handling staff.

The VB1X is designed to consistently produce high-quality bricks, industrial strength pavers, hollow blocks, decking blocks, retaining wall blocks and garden kerbs. The PMSA® VB1X is Built to Last® owing to its robust heavy-duty channel frame design.

Due to the high productivity, technology and life span of the VB1X, it can produce industrial strength high quality products with low production costs for decades.


PMSA® customers have found the VB1X is capable of exceeding production capacities. The technology used in the VB1X allows for high productivity and dependable output every day for decades.

Due to PMSA®’s excellent market leading technical support and immediately available spare parts support, many PMSA® customers exceed the stated production capacities, resulting in improved productivity and increased profits.


Design features of the VB1X block machine include a heavy-duty channel frame designed to not to fail or crack after decades of working under normal operational conditions, rubber bellows for mould box clamping, tamper vibrators and VSD (Variable Speed Drive) direct driven twin-shaft oil bath vibrator (including forced air motor cooling). These technical design features of the VB1X result in lower cement consumption due to high compaction, excellent dimensional consistency of products and fast cycle times.

PMSA® provides technology training and workshops for our customers to assist them in continually improving production, quality and profitability.

Built to Last®

Buy once, buy right! Having a machine that lasts for decades means you don’t have to replace your VB1X every few years; it has been Built to Last®. PMSA®’s VB1X brick, block and paver making machine will continue to produce profits that can be reinvested into expanding your business instead of replacing inferior equipment. Our customer’s success stories prove the PMSA® Built to Last® philosophy, with many customers operating the VB range of machinery for more than 35 years and still in daily production producing quality concrete products. This results in PMSA® customers enjoying greater success.

Features & Benefits

For larger capacity brick, block and paver making plants, view the VB4, VB4X, RE1400-LITE, RE1400 and ULTRA-3000. For smaller capacity brick, block and paver making plants, view the VB1, RE600, Twin UNI PLANT, UNI PLANT, UNI HYDRAULIC, UNI STATIC, UNI-ECO, PK300 CORNET and PK300-ECO.

PMSA®’s VB1X is Built to Last® and the ideal medium-size machine for a brick, block and paver making business. Features of the VB1X include:

Mechanical Features

  • Heavy-duty channel frame for long-life and machine rigidity, which results in the consistent production of quality products for decades.
  • 4 hard-chromed guide columns with easily replaceable wear resistant guide bushes for accurate tamper and mould box movement to ensure dimensional consistency of products.

Vibration System Features

  • Direct driven twin-shaft oil bath vibrator, including forced air motor cooling, for vertical table vibration, which provides consistent compaction over the full mould area, resulting in uniform product density and reduced cement consumption.
  • Adjustable vibration frequency/speed control via VSD (Variable Speed Drive) provides optimum compaction for different product types being manufactured, reducing machine maintenance costs and increasing productivity.
  • Dynamic main vibration braking for reduced cycle times.
  • Main vibration is controlled either over time for product density or upon reaching product height.
  • Electrical control panel includes timer-controlled pre-vibration for optimal mould filling.

Mould Filling and Feeder-Box Features

  • Fixed concrete silo and feeder-box assembly that is easily adjustable by hydraulic operation to accommodate different mould heights for quick mould changes.

Tamper and Mould Box Features

  • Optional tamper vibration for increased product density and smooth top surface.
  • Heavy-duty tamper brake assembly to lock tamper movement during mould-lifting, preventing product damage.

Hydraulic Features

  • Powerful hydraulic system for fast and smooth mould, tamper, feeder-box and production board-feeder operation, giving faster cycle times, lower maintenance costs and extended component life.
  • Hydraulic power pack and machine controls are placed away from the machine for operator safety and an unobstructed view of machine operation.
  • Fixed concrete silo and feeder-box assembly that is easily adjustable by hydraulic operation to accommodate different mould heights for quick mould changes.

PLC and SCADA Features

  • On the optional PLC controlled VB1X, all machine parameters can be changed using a touch-screen interface while machine is in operation for instant adaptation to changing moisture content and aggregate consistency, without stopping the machine.

Production Board Handling Features

  • Production board magazine allows for continuous and fast production board feeding.
  • Production board size 760 mm x 840 mm with products, can be handled manually or with a chain conveyor and gantry system (depending on product).

Technical Specs

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Production Capacities

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Options & Upgrades

Build your plant with various available options

The basic VB1X plant configurations includes a PMSA® V500 turbine pan mixer or P500 counter current pan mixer with loaderskip (manually loaded by wheelbarrow), water meter assembly, stand and platform with access ladder and a chain conveyor and gantry system for wet product and production board handling.

VB1X plants have various options to maximise the full production capacity of the VB1X. Options include automation, batching, product handling and topping feed.

VB1X machine options

  • The VB1X can be fitted with a topping/secondary feed for colouring paver tops
  • PLC including an HMI (Human Machine Interface) for full machine and parameter settings, which increases productivity, improves product consistency and reduces labour (including proportional hydraulic valve bank for fast and accurate machine control)
  • Rubber bellows for mould box clamping included with the PLC automatic option
  • High-performance powerful hydraulic system with accumulator, high response proportional hydraulic valves and encoders for closed loop PLC feedback and variable speed during the stroke of every hydraulic operation (for smooth, precise and fast movement of tamper, mould, feeder-box and production board feeder), resulting in faster cycle times lower maintenance costs and extended component life
  • Ceramic lining of feeder-box table
  • Mould-changing arm for faster mould change

Weigh batching options

  • Aggregate weighing and feeding
  • Automatic cement scale fed by inclined cement screw conveyor from cement silos or bag breaker and holding bin assembly
  • Water addition can be done by manual or automatic operation
  • Fully automatic weighing and batching option with PLC control of aggregates, cement, water, admixtures and mixing times is available
  • Moisture compensation in aggregates and moisture control in mixer
  • Increased mixer size is available (PMSA® P500 or P1000) when utilising moisture control

Production board, product handling and curing options (designed to suit customer needs)

  • Chain conveyor system (available in 15 metre extensions) for reduced labour and increased plant productivity
  • Rail travelling stacking gantry to remove wet product on production boards from the chain conveyor and stack on either side of chain conveyor for reduced labour and increased plant productivity
  • Swing-arm for production board loading into curing rack to be moved by forklift or production board trolley
  • Curing solutions available depending on plant design and customer requirements

PMSA®, Pan Mixers®, Built to Last® and the PMSA® Company Logo are registered trade marks


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