PMSA® supplies a comprehensive range of Tools and machinery for the Construction Industry.

PMSA through Superb Construction Systems has partnered with Husqvarna in distributing the world’s leading technology and brands in all Construction tools and Machinery. Through our dealer network, we distribute the equipment throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

The products available include the technologically advanced Husqvarna Sawing, cutting, drilling, Concrete placement, compaction and demolition equipment.

With the wide range of professional machinery, contractors can now offer the full range of Husqvarna Construction Equipment that is

  • Easy to clean
  • Modern and elegant
  • Unbeatably durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High-quality and economical

Our range offers the lowest cost of operation with the highest production levels. All our equipment is Built to Last®, resulting in low lifetime cost of ownership.

Our professional range includes:

Sawing, cutting and drilling

  • Power Cutters
  • Concrete Core drills
  • Floor saws
  • Tile and Masonry saws
  • Wall saws
  • Wire saws

Concrete Placement

  • Concrete Vibrators
  • Concrete screeds
  • Power trowels
  • Early entry saws


  • Compactors
  • Rammers
  • Pedestrian Rollers
  • Forward Plate Compactors
  • Forward & Reversible Plate Compactors

Surface Preparation

  • Shot blasters
  • Steel blasters
  • Floor scarifiers

Remote demolition

  • Demolition equipment


  • Dust and slurry equipment
  • Power packs
  • PRIME™ equipment

Features & Benefits

The features and benefits of the Husqvarna technology includes:

Power cutters

We supply the largest range of power cutters on the market, enabling cutting depths up to 450 mm.

Core drills

Whether you’re drilling large or small openings, multiple holes or deep drilling, Husqvarna provides the core drilling machines and core drill bits you need to get the job done.

  • Vertical drilling, upwards and downward
  • Horizontal drilling
  • Drilling for channels, pipes and cables
  • Drilling large diameters and deep holes
  • Stitch drilling
  • Angle drilling
  • Drilling for barriers
  • Automatic drilling
  • Wet and dry handheld drilling
  • Drilling for water evacuation


A wide range of floor saws in all sizes, from small push walk-behind saws to large self-propelled walk-behind road saws. Our floor saws are powered by reliable and fuel-efficient petrol and diesel engines from world leading manufacturers.

All Husqvarna floor saws are designed for optimal performance in their specific applications. These range from floor cutting of concrete slabs in buildings, to city street service patchwork, to groove cutting and asphalt cutting on large roadwork projects.

Concrete Placement

Each concrete placement job has its own unique conditions, such as size of the job and available power source. That’s why Husqvarna offers a wide range of concrete vibrators to suit different needs. Our internal concrete vibrators include high frequency electric vibrators, pneumatic vibrators, mechanical vibrators and modular flex-shaft vibrators, while our wide range of external concrete vibrators includes high speed pneumatic to normal frequency electric.

We also offer a range of Husqvarna electric frequency converters designed to deliver the power you need – anytime, anywhere.

A wide range of vibratory concrete screeds to cover all concrete levelling applications, from narrow slabs to 25-metre-wide surfaces. Construction sites and precast concrete manufacturing are typical application areas. Our range includes walk-behind screeds, double beam screeds and modular truss screeds, all designed to meet your needs ­– no matter the size of the challenge that lies ahead. Petrol/electric/pneumatic- and battery powered versions are available

Power trowels

Our power trowels comes in different sizes and power sources including:

  • ride-on trowels
  • walk-behind trowels
  • edging trowels

Husqvarna Soff-Cut is ideal for the ultra-early sawing of contraction joints after pouring concrete slabs. The system is designed to minimise the risk of random cracks – one of the most costly and aggravating problems faced by concrete contractors. You’ll appreciate the high production rates, the ability to pour and cut concrete on the same day, and of course, the tidy end result achieved by only cutting shallow depths.


With our wide range of compactors you can handle all kinds of compaction jobs – from clay, silt and sand, gravel to rockfill and asphalt. All Husqvarna compactors are high-performance, well-balanced and ergonomically designed, allowing you to work all day with minimal strain.

Surface preparation – shot blasters

Find everything you need in one place with our range of powerful shot blasters in different sizes for handling small jobs or tackling major projects in various concrete and asphalt applications. All our models offer manoeuvrability, precision and versatility. When connected to an appropriate dust extractor, they create an environment that is virtually free of dust and contaminants.

Blastrac steel blasting systems are very effective methods of removing paint, coatings, non-skid and other contaminants from steel surfaces. Blastrac steel blasting systems use steel shot or a mixture of angular steel grit and steel shot, allowing the operator to achieve a wide range of anchor patterns (surface profiles) and roughness needed for almost any type of coating application.

By reusing the abrasives the closed circuit shot blasting machines is a resource-smart solution. Also no valuable water is used and wasted and no chemicals are used that endanger the environment.

Surface preparation – Floor scarifiers

When floor scarifying, cutters are loosely fitted on lateral shafts which are then placed inside a drum housing. The drum is placed inside the scarifier and once the machine is switched on, the rotating drum generates centripetal force which ‘slams’ the cutter on to the surface, causing a mechanical cutting action.

All Husqvarna scarifiers are equipped with a precise height adjustment system. Dust and contaminants created by the scarifier are removed by a matching Husqvarna dust collector. This makes the scarifying process almost dust free in operation.

Remote demolition

Husqvarna DXR demolition robots and tools are developed for efficient demolition and dismantling jobs. Typical applications include work that is too heavy for manual labour. DXR can also be used in fragile, hazardous or confined, hard-to-reach areas.

You can choose from four different versions of Husqvarna DXR demolition robots to meet your power preferences and weight restrictions. You can equip your Husqvarna DXR to match your needs with our wide range of attachable demolition tools and optional feature packages.

Other equipment

Clean air and a clean workplace are the foundations for a successful job. With our range of equipment for dust and slurry you can take better care of both. Get equipped for a wide range of applications and better meet regulations.

Enjoy the benefits of our compact 1-phase dust extractors and efficient slurry vacuums, or take advantage of our bigger, more powerful 3-phase dust extractors for heavy-duty jobs. We can provide dust collectors for steel and shot blasting that are suitable for heavy-duty jobs on ships, offshore oil platforms and more. Our range also includes portable air cleaners equipped with HEPA H13 filters.

Power packs

When you’re on-site, you need the right power to get the right result. Husqvarna industrial power packs are designed to deliver the power and performance you need.

Our complete range includes high-frequency electric power packs as well as electrically powered hydraulic and petrol-powered hydraulic power packs.

PRIME – Powerful, Revolutionary, Intelligent, Modular and Electric equipment.

Are you looking for high-performance electric equipment that can handle any job, from drilling an 80 mm core to cutting through a 450 mm thick wall? Then Husqvarna PRIME is the equipment for you.

PRIME stands for Powerful, Revolutionary, Intelligent, Modular and Electric. Which means great cutting, sawing and drilling power packaged in a compact, sturdy and flexible design.

PMSA®, Pan Mixers®, Built to Last ® and the PMSA Company Logo are registered trade marks


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