PMSA® supplies a full range of planetary pan mixers with loading capacities from 375 to 6 000 litres, for mixing concrete and specialised applications across a variety of industries including refractory materials, powders, plasters, shotcrete, fibre concrete and foundry materials.

PMSA® has partnered with Eurostar, the world leaders in planetary pan mixing technology.

Our planetary mixers enable customers to:

  • Work at higher capacities
  • Use different mixing actions
  • Mix larger aggregates up to 60 mm
  • Have multiple discharge gates

PMSA®’s aim is to help customers achieve the lowest cost of operation and maximised plant efficiency, resulting in increased profit.

Typical industries and applications for Planetary Pan Mixers

  • Brick, block and paver making plants
  • Concrete ready-mix batching plants
  • Concrete roof tile plants
  • Concrete pipe plants
  • Concrete structural elements
  • Pre-stressed concrete elements and flooring
  • Dry adhesive mixing
  • Wet-cast paving products
  • Glass industry
  • Iron-ore industry
  • Ferro-chrome industry
  • Mixing of powders
  • Surface concrete for mining operations
  • Fertilizer plants

Features & Benefits

The planetary pan mixer is an efficient, durable and reliable mixer, providing a low running cost, simple maintenance and a high ROI due to the following features:

Mixing Drive – purpose built for planetary mixers

  • Hardened gears in an oil sump provide lubrication and cooling.
  • Heavy-duty slew ring for smooth and reliable operations.
  • Hydrodynamic coupling for soft start and protection of the transmission against overload.

Mixer drum and tooling

  • High performance mixing system.
  • Reversible mixing blades and overlapping mixing stars are ideal for high-performance concrete mix designs.
  • Hydraulically operated discharge gates.
  • Interchangeable wear-resistant liners.
  • Mixing arms in NiCr round-bar with sleeve protection.
  • Water distribution ring with high efficiency spray nozzles.
  • Fast discharge device (FDD) is available to discharge material faster from the planetary pan mixer.
  • High speed impact agitator is available for a more intensive mixing action.

Loader skip and hoist

  • Independent dual wire rope for safety and smooth operation.
  • Emergency stops for slack rope and rope failure occurrences.
  • Aggregate inlet self-closing flap for dust reduction.
  • Large diameter grooved drum reduces loader skip wire deterioration and overlapping.
  • Loader skip design allows for efficient and fast discharge of aggregates into the mixer.

Technical Specs

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Optional Items

Planetary pan mixers have various available options

The Planetary pan mixer range are available with several options including:

  • The mixer can be purchased with or without a loader skip
  • High-speed agitator is optional for intensive mixing
  • Tungsten carbide mixing arms and tools for extended life on mixing tools
  • Ceramic linings for pan wall and floors for extended life and lower maintenance
  • Mixer-mounted microwave moisture measuring equipment for automatic control of the water content in the mix

PMSA®, Pan Mixers®, Built to Last ® and the PMSA® Company Logo are registered trade marks


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Planetary Pan Mixers Spec Sheet

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