PMSA® supplies a comprehensive range of concrete wet-cast moulds and complete plants custom designed to meet customer requirements for new or existing wet-cast paving production plants.

Our wet-cast plants provide a low cost of operation, consistency, accuracy and repeatability in producing high quality wet-cast paving end-products, including cobblestone, flagstone and coping.

PMSA® has partnered with Pavatile, leaders in concrete wet-cast paving technology. The Pavatile wet-cast method produces high-definition, realistic looking simulated sandstone and granite finishes. We offer a variety of different moulds to produce paving products from 100 mm x 100 mm to 400 mm x 400 mm.

Our wet-cast moulds and machinery are Built to Last® resulting in a low lifetime cost of ownership due to our machinery lasting for decades and our wet-cast polyurethane moulds lasting up to 15 years. The Pavatile mould durability in hard-wear conditions make them an excellent choice for wet-cast production.

We provide complete solutions including concrete batching, mixing, moulds and product handlings for concrete wet-cast production lines. The system is easy to expand by adding more moulds for different finishes and sizes when required. The wet-cast products can complement ordinary paving that has been made in brick, block and paver making machines.

Our wet-cast moulds can be used to produce high quality end-products for residential, commercial and industrial projects:

Residential projects:

An extensive selection of concrete paving products can be manufactured for residential projects, including pavers around swimming pools, walkways, driveways, steps and patios.

Commercial projects:

A selection of pavers can be manufactured for public spaces, car parks, shopping centres, residential estates and paved roads. We also provide permeable paving solutions.

Industrial projects:

A collection of products specially designed for industrial and run-off areas has been developed. We offer a range of moulds for industrial roads, kerbing, traffic circles, factories as well as permeable paving solutions.

Features & Benefits

The features and benefits of Pavatile wet-cast moulds and plants include:

  • Detailed moulds create wet-cast products with a realistic stone, sandstone or granite finish.
  • Various designs and textures available for beautiful, highly detailed surfaces.
  • Multiple surface finishes are used in each mould to ensure a natural look rather than repetition of the same pattern.
  • The unique mould designs and surface textures allow clients to produce an upmarket wet-cast paving product that delivers higher profit margins with similar input costs to manufacturing conventional paving.
  • A broad range of moulds are available for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Moulds are available in a variety of different sizes, from cobblestone (100 mm x 100 mm) to flagstone (400 mm x 400 mm).
  • Wet-cast products complement ordinary paving products and can be used together for aesthetic purposes.
  • Pavatile moulds are self-supporting moulds that don’t need costly support frames.
  • Cleaning is easier as there is no build-up of material between frames and moulds.
  • To increase production, new moulds can be added as required.
  • With a lifespan of up to 15 years, the moulds are rugged and long-lasting, even under harsh operating conditions.


Our wet-cast paving plants are available with various options, including:

Batching and mixing plants

PMSA® supplies full, custom-designed concrete batching and mixing plants suited specifically for client and plant requirements including:

  • Weighing and batching of materials
  • Mixing of concrete
  • Transportation of wet concrete to the manufacturing line

Curing solutions

PMSA® supplies concrete curing solutions for wet-cast paving production plants. Curing solutions control relative humidity (moisture) and temperature within the curing chambers (environment), creating optimal curing conditions for the fastest and maximum strength gain, allow quick turnaround time on moulds, and minimised cement usage and breakages of wet-cast products.

Mould and product handling

The PMSA® mould and product handling systems are adapted to suit various applications and production capacities for:

  • Automated mould filling and transporting of moulds for manual packing into curing racks
  • Forklift transportation of curing racks to and from curing chambers
  • Automated mould stripping of cured products for higher productivity and fewer breakages

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