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Van Dyk Stene

Van Dyk Stene is a family owned business that upholds the strictest quality standards and highest possible levels of service to its customers. Established in Vredenburg in 1970, the company is the leading supplier of pre-cast masonry products, sand, stone, kerbs, pavers, walls and garden products on the West Coast of South Africa. The company has invested heavily in modern production plants that are efficient and able to reliably meet high-volume outputs required in the area. Using PMSA® equipment since the 1980’s, Van Dyk Stene also holds the distinction of being the first plant to install a fully integrated PMSA® RE1400 plant and KRAFT curing system supplied by PMSA®.

The total automated solution supplied, covers batching (mixing and weighing), a stacker and de-stacker, RE1400 block making machine with UltraVibe CVS™ and automated wet and dry side product handling by PMSA®. The introduction of the PMSA® RE1400 plant saved the company 20% to 30% (depending on product being produced) on its total cement input costs and the state-of-the-art plant is a showcase of the total concrete solutions available from PMSA®.