Latest Success Stories

West-End Cement Bricks

West End Cement Bricks is one of the most important large-scale manufacturers of brick, block and pavers in the west of Johannesburg. The company also holds the distinction of being the first ever operators of PMSA® famous RE1400 Production Plant, with the first unit having begun service at the company in the early 2000’s. The success of the plant has subsequently become a yardstick for other manufacturers across the country and in a large way contributed to the overall success of the equipment since then.

Since the commissioning of the PMSA® RE1400 Production Plant the company has enjoyed sustained growth and phenomenal success. West End Cement Bricks has also received SABS certification on their range of pavers. With customers across the country running their PMSA® RE1400 for more than a decade – on double shift operation – the PMSA® RE1400 plants are truly Built to Last®.