PMSA® business philosophy is based on the concept of Built to Last® which is carried through in everything we do!

About Us

PMSA® (Pan Mixers South Africa) was established by its founder H. H. Ebeling, a German Engineer, in 1976. In 1995, the next generation, Walter and Robert Ebeling, took over at the helm of PMSA®, bringing with them a strong foundation in business and engineering. To date PMSA® have manufactured thousands of brick, block and paver making machines and associated equipment which operate all over the world.

Our Business Philosophy

PMSA® business philosophy is based on the concept of Built to Last® which is carried through in everything we do! Our three pillars that we focus on in everything we do are:

Our Customers

Partnering and having relationships with customers spanning generations means that our customer relationships are Built to Last®. We put the Customer first in everything we do.

PMSA® Machinery

PMSA® believes in providing machinery that is Built to Last® for decades providing an ever decreasing cost of capital to our Customers as they do not have to replace machinery as the equipment is designed and Built to Last® for decades.

PMSA® Company

Our Company is Built to Last®; PMSA® has been growing as a business since 1976 and continually investing in world class business practices and by investing in our company with top of range manufacturing machinery, processes and technology we ensure our company is Built to Last® for decades to come.

Highest Quality Concrete Products

PMSA® provides machinery that ensure our customers are able to produce Concrete Products that are Built to Last® and the highest quality. This allows our customers the peace of mind knowing that the concrete products that they produce on their PMSA Machinery will satisfy their customer demands and requirements.

Worldwide Customer Base

PMSA® has a worldwide customer base and grown into the leading and largest concrete equipment manufacturer on the continent and the Southern Hemisphere.

In 1997, PMSA® achieved its first ISO accreditation for quality management systems and standards which are fully integrated into our business processes; today PMSA® operates it business based on these processes with the PMSA® Quality Management and Control System in everything we do. This in conjunction with our innovative design and production techniques, which are aided by CAD/CAM software and the latest in engineering technology from our CNC machines, laser cutting, CNC bending and CNC lathes, gives PMSA® the edge in manufacture and service.

In-house capabilities at PMSA®

In-house capabilities at PMSA® from concept to design and manufacture to install and lifelong support ensures customers are always leading technology and for purpose equipment due to:

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