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Highest Productivity Machinery. Leading Technology.

Built to Last® Concrete Equipment

PMSA® Concrete Equipment Range

Brick, Block and Paver Making Machinery

PMSA® offer a full range of high-quality concrete brick, block and paver making machinery with capacities from 4 800 to over 283 269 bricks per 9-hour production shift – let PMSA® help you choose the plant that that is right for your needs.

Board Handling, Boards, Off-packing & Curing Solutions

PMSA® offer a full range of automated board and product handling solutions, production boards and concrete curing options for brick, block and paver making plants. Please click below to view the products and solutions we have to offer.

Mixers, Batching, Moisture Control & Dosing Solutions

PMSA® manufacture and supply a complete range of batching plants and mixers from 25 litres to 6 500 litre capacities including high-quality counter-current pan mixers, turbine pan mixers, laboratory mixers, planetary mixers, twin-shaft mixers and specialised refractory mixers.

Pre-Cast Concrete Product Machinery

PMSA® offers a complete range of the highest quality and efficiency pre-cast concrete product plants to manufacture concrete roof-tiles, concrete kerbstones, concrete piping, slabs and paving products. Click below for more information on our Pre-Cast Concrete Products.

Construction and Civil Concrete Equipment

PMSA® supply a broad range of construction and civil concrete equipment designed for the civil and construction sectors, to increase productivity on job-sites including ready-mix batch plants, concrete machinery, concrete pumps and self-loading concrete mixers.

3D Concrete Printing

14Trees and PMSA are proud to unveil The IROKO™ the ground breaking 3D Concrete Printing Machine that will help revolutionize the construction industry.

Who we are and What we do

Concrete Equipment,
Solutions & Technology

Pan Mixers South Africa (PMSA®) is the leading and largest manufacturer of a complete range of concrete equipment in the Southern Hemisphere, producing high efficiency and high quality concrete brick, block and paver making machinery as well as complete precast batching plants including turbine and counter-current rapid Pan Mixers.

PMSA® are also the leading supplier of a full range of quality concrete equipment including concrete pumps (CIFA), planetary and twin-shaft mixers (Eurostar), moisture measuring and control systems (Ludwig Moisture Control), oxide dosing systems (Finke Dosiertechnik), kerb stone machinery (Wil El Mil Engineering), concrete pipe machinery, self-loading concrete mixers (FIORI), ready-mix concrete batching plants and ready-mix drums (IMER), concrete grinding and polishing machinery (Husqvarna-HTC), concrete roof-tile machinery (ABECE) as well as production boards for brick, block and paver making machinery (MyWood).

Distributors of:

Self-Loading Concrete Mixers

Concrete Mixers

PMSA® has partnered with FIORI, the leaders in self-loading concrete mixers to supply a comprehensive range of self-loading concrete mixers. Click below for more information.

Floor Preparation, Grinding & Polishing Technology

PMSA® has partnered with Husqvarna in distributing HTC® equipment, the world’s leading technology and brand in all floor preparation, grinding and polishing machinery. .

Ready-Mix Batching Plants and Mixer Trucks

PMSA® has partnered with IMER, world leaders in concrete ready-mix batching plants and ready-mix trucks to supply a comprehensive range of batching plants and ready-mix trucks.


PMSA® has partnered with SEM Concrete Pumps and CIFA (world leaders in concrete pumping & placement products) to supply pumps for civil, underground & industrial building projects.

Concrete Roof Tile Manufacturing Machinery

Concrete Roof Tile Manufacturing Machinery

PMSA® has partnered with ABECE, world leaders in concrete roof tile technology to supply a comprehensive range of the most efficient concrete roof tile machinery and plants.

Concrete Wet Pressing Machinery and Filters

PMSA® has partnered with Wil El Mil, leaders in wet-pressed concrete technology to supply a comprehensive range of concrete wet-pressing machinery and filters for textured surfaces.

Concrete Pipe and Cage Making Machinery

Concrete Pipe and Cage Making Machinery

PMSA® supplies a comprehensive range of concrete pipe, special concrete products and cage making machinery. Click below for more information on our Concrete Pipe and Cage Making Machinery.

Concrete Wet-Cast Paving Plants

PMSA®has partnered with Pavatile™, leaders in concrete wet-cast paving technology to supply a comprehensive range of concrete wet-cast plants and moulds. Click below for more information.

Concrete Pre-Cast Wall Panel, Lintel, Hollow Core and Rebar Processing Machinery

Pre-Cast Wall Panels, Lintels & Hollow Core Plants

PMSA® has partnered with Progress Group, leaders in supplying comprehensive precast plants, hollow core extrusion machinery, rebar shops and manufacturers of mesh for pre-cast plants.

Production Boards and Treatment of Boards

Production Boards and Treatment

PMSA® supplies a full range of premium quality production boards and pallets for the brick, block and paver making industry. Click below for more information on Production Boards.

Concrete Curing Solutions

Concrete Curing

PMSA® has partnered with Kraft Curing Systems, the world leaders in concrete curing technology to supply a range of concrete curing solutions for the curing of all concrete products. Click below for more information on our Concrete Curing Solutions.

Paver Sealing Technology

Oxide Dosing for Colouring of Concrete

PMSA® has partnered with Finke, the world leaders in colouring concrete technology, to supply a universal system for automatically metering and dosing of pigments. We offer a sealing solution for weathering, staining & efflorescence protection of concrete products.

Moisture Measuring and Control

Moisture Measuring and Control Systems

PMSA® has partnered with Ludwig Moisture Control, the world leaders in microwave moisture measurement and control systems and technology. We offer both wireless and wired systems, temperature sensors, transmitting units and receiver modules.


What our Customer's say

Highest Quality Standards

The highest quality standards are part of every PMSA® delivery. Experienced project management teams will evaluate every customer’s requirements before designing, installing and commissioning the machinery, ensuring that every customer will achieve the full potential from their investment.

Success Stories

Benoni Brick Works

Benoni Brick Works has a four-decade long history of supplying quality concrete products to large Metropolitan area of the Ekurhuleni and surrounds. Established

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Stutt Concrete

Stutt Concrete is a concrete all-rounder and one of the most important suppliers of concrete products and ready-mix in the Eastern Cape Province.

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Cape Brick

When it comes to collective experience not many companies in South Africa can compete with the nearly 90-years of experience accrued by Cape

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