PMSA® supplies a comprehensive range of concrete wall panel, lintel and hollow core machinery to meet customer requirements.

PMSA® is a full-range supplier for precast plants, rebar shops and manufacturers of mesh. Together with our partners we are able to develop, construct, deliver and install not only individual machines and plant, we also design whole works, offer additional equipment and implement software and security solutions for pre-cast plant.

Concrete pre-cast products and plant offer include:

  • Carousel plants to facilitate the automated transport of pallets from one workstation to the next.
  • Stationary production plants and moulds for elements such as girders, columns, roof coverings both with standard and with pre-stressed made to measure mesh.
  • Production bed for hollow core and solid slab production with extruders and slip formers
  • In addition we offer rebar processing machinery for reinforcement going into pre-cast items.

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Our machinery is Built to Last® for decades, ensuring a low lifetime cost of ownership.

Features & Benefits

All our equipment is Built to Last® for decades and include top of range technology features ensuring they are productive and produce the highest quality concrete products after decades of continuous operation. The features and benefits of our world-class pre-cast plants and rebar processing machinery include:

  • Carousel Plants – Carousel plants facilitate the automated transport of pallets from one workstation to the next. By using a variety of single machines, wall and floor elements are produced in several individual operations. Modern carousel systems can increase rates of production and save on staff costs. The standardised procedures also ensure consistently high quality of the end product.
  • Stationary Production – The production process in stationary production involves several consecutive stages. On-site production makes extreme flexibility in the production areas possible with low investment, even where production areas are reduced, keeps maintenance costs low and facilitates ease of operation. Stationary production is usually performed with the following types of formwork:
    • Fixed and tilting tables
    • Vertical battery moulds
    • Moulds for elements such as girders, columns, roof coverings both with standard and with pre-stressed made to measure mesh
    • Moulds for 3D elements
  • Production Beds – Hollow core slab can be manufactured both on traditional or on mobile production beds. The slipformer and extruder are supplied with concrete by a concrete spreader. Other machines and software ensure efficient preparation and smooth production processes. Material consumption is optimised and tare weight is kept low to produce highly efficient, sustainable pre-stressed concrete elements which can be quickly connected.
  • Rebar Processing Machinery – Precast concrete elements contain reinforcing steel to increase the resilience and durability of buildings. A variety of machines are needed to manufacture reinforcement elements, such as stirrups, mesh or lattice girder. Machines are always custom-made to respond perfectly to your requirements and expectations.


Our Concrete Wall Panel, Lintel and Hollow Core plants are available with various options including:

Batching plants

PMSA® supplies full, custom-designed batching plants suited specifically to client and plant requirements, which may include:

  • Weighing and batching of materials
  • Mixing of concrete
  • Transportation of wet concrete to the machinery

Curing solutions

PMSA® supplies concrete curing solutions for concrete wall panel, lintel and hollow core concrete products. Curing solutions control relative humidity (moisture) and temperature within the curing chambers, creating optimal curing conditions, maximum strength gain, quick turnaround time, and minimised cement usage and product damage.

Concrete Wall Panel, Lintel and Hollow Core concrete product handling

  • Various options are available including manual to full automated plants depending on client requirements

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