PMSA® is a leading supplier of moisture measurement and control systems from Ludwig Moisture Control. Our high-quality products are designed to assist with all moisture measurement requirements.

We offer a complete range of microwave moisture measurement sensors for use in a variety of applications, including concrete for precast products, ready-mix and aggregates.

The sensors allow moisture to be measured in real time with total accuracy and are well suited to demanding environments while incorporating the latest technology to suit customer requirements.

The solution offers three points of moisture measurement and control:

  • In the aggregates (bulk material bins or on conveying devices)
  • In the mixer
  • During transportation

PMSA® moisture measuring and control systems assist in reducing the amount of reject batches during mixing by regulating water dosing between each batch and achieving consistency for each batch. By having more consistent batching, the number of reject end-products is reduced while improving productivity, profit, consistency and quality of the end-products.

PMSA® has partnered with Ludwig Moisture Control, the world leaders in microwave moisture measurement and control systems and technology. We offer both wireless and hard-wired systems, temperature sensors, transmitting units and receiver modules.

Features & Benefits

The features and benefits of the Ludwig microwave moisture measuring and control system include:

Microwave moisture sensors in aggregates and mixers

  • Moisture measurement in aggregates allows for precise control of the aggregate-cement ratio and accurate aggregate measurement by compensating for moisture in the material before it enters the mixer, resulting in cement savings by having a consistent and true aggregate-to-cement ratio between every batch.
  • Moisture measurement in the mixer allows for exact water dosing for an accurate water-to-cement ratio and precise moisture in the mix for higher quality, consistent end-products and reduced waste.

Microwave moisture sensors

  • Can be installed in bins or onto dosing and conveying devices and mixers to measure moisture of the bulk materials.
  • High scanning speed guarantees exact measurement.
  • On certain sensors, the measuring head can be exchanged if damaged.
  • Moisture measuring sensors have a non-stick measuring surface to reduce build-up of material on the sensor face.

Wireless microwave moisture measuring system (wireless transmission)

  • FL-MobiMic Profi-Check System
    • Measurements can be taken and wirelessly transmitted to the control system in real time.
    • The wireless measuring unit evaluates the temperature and moisture of bulk materials.
    • It is user friendly due to its ease of operation and the integration of wireless technology or USB connection to connect to a computer.
  • FL-Mobimic Slimline
    • Measurements can be taken and wirelessly transmitted to the control system in real time.
    • Slim 22 mm sensor for fitment into confined spaces.
    • For moisture measurement of bulk solids in rotating pan mixer drums where a hardwired system is not possible or practical.

Water dosing

  • The water dosing system adjusts the volume of water to be added to the mixer after compensating for the moisture in the sand and aggregates.
  • The system offers real-time online monitoring for accurate dosing and control of the water-to-cement ratio.

PMSA® PLC control system

  • The PLC system provides total control and high accuracy of all measurements.
  • The PLC system allows for continuous real-time monitoring for homogeneity and mix time optimisation.


Various moisture measurement and control options are available, including:

  • Stand-alone FL-Micro-Turbo system for doing moisture compensation calculations and water dosing through the automated water meters.
  • Handheld moisture measuring systems for check samples and bulk aggregate supply.
  • PMSA® moisture measuring and compensation through PLC programming on existing PLC controlled batching and mixing plants (this reduces costs by not having additional hardware requirements when existing PLC controls are being used).
  • Moisture measuring and feedback in the concrete holding bins on brick, block, paver and roof tile machinery – for accurate and live moisture measurement as production is taking place.

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