PMSA® offers programmable logic controller (PLC) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for the automation of:

  • Batching plants
  • Brick, block and paver making machines
  • Production board and product handling systems
  • Pre-cast concrete machinery (for manufacturing roof tiles, kerbstones and pipe plants)

Solutions are designed to suit customer requirements and can be offered with all medium and large plants as well as upgrades to existing plants.

PLC controls are offered on medium to large plants to automate processes for consistent plant and machine operation, improved productivity and reduced labour costs, resulting in financial savings. These controls allow PMSA® technical staff to connect remotely for fault finding and optimisation.

SCADA systems are offered on automated plants tailored to customers’ needs. These systems provide users with a visual and graphic representation of plant operations, which can be viewed on site or remotely on digital devices. The ability to view live operations and extract historical data to optimise plant performance give plant owners and managers peace of mind and better overall plant control for improved productivity and profitability.

Features & Benefits

PLC and SCADA systems offer numerous benefits to customers for improving productivity and plant efficiency. Features include:


  • Automated controls that allow for consistent, continuous operation.
  • Precision and repetitive control of various operational settings throughout the process results in consistent output, quality products and easily managed performance.
  • The combining of multiple functions results in faster plant cycle times.
  • Rugged and reliable controls in plant environments for decades of consistent performance.
  • Remote connectivity allows for the viewing of data and plant operations anywhere around the world on most digital devices.


  • Visual display of plant operation allows for quick and easy fault finding, gives a visual overview of the plant and provides data on plant performance.
  • Data acquisition enables plant operators and management to analyse historic and current data, and can be exported to an ERP system.

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