PMSA® supplies a comprehensive range of Wil El Mil concrete wet-pressing machinery and filters for concrete textured surfaces to meet customer requirements for kerbstone, flagstone and drainage channel manufacturing.

PMSA® has partnered with Wil El Mil, leaders in wet-pressed concrete technology. Wil El Mil offer presses with a pressing force of up to 400 tons with the option of single or three-stage rotary table manufacturing process. A full complement of moulds, mould-filling and product/pallet handling systems are available. Both new and re-manufactured machines are available.

By utilising wet-pressing technology, the cost of concrete and labour are substantially less than for a traditional wet-casting manufacturing process. This enables manufacturers to achieve the lowest cost of operation, resulting in increased profit. PMSA® and Wil El Mil machinery is Built to Last® for decades, ensuring a low lifetime cost of ownership.

The single stage press can manufacture 600 kerbstones or 1 200 flagstones (depending on size) per 9-hour shift. The three-stage press can manufacture 1 200 kerbstones or 2 400 flagstones (depending on size) per 9-hour shift.

The wet-pressing process involves compressing wet high slump concrete with hydraulic pressure in order to compact and shape the concrete product while pressing out excess water which is then removed through a vacuum system. Plastic or paper filters on the upper and lower surfaces of the product ensure excess liquid is extracted without removing the fines, resulting in a fully compacted product with an optimal water-to-cement ratio. Fresh products are immediately vacuum lifted and rotated, either hand-pneumatically or fully-automatically stacked on edge, optimising packing space on the curing pallets for final curing.

Wet-pressed concrete products offer high durability and good surface finishes, making them ideal for use in demanding environments.

Wet-pressed concrete products that can be produced on a Wil El Mil press include:

  • Kerbstones: straight, concave, convex, corner and tapered
  • Paving slabs: up to 1 m x 0.6 m with a plain, textured or tactile surface
  • Drainage channels
  • Drainage kerbs
  • Drainage slabs
  • Path edgings
  • Steps
  • Blocks for split-stone walling
  • Cable trench covers

Features & Benefits

Wil El Mil presses are Built to Last® for decades and include top of range technology features ensuring they are productive and produce the highest quality concrete products after decades of continuous operation. The features of these world-class presses include:

  • The high-low-flow hydraulic system which makes the machinery energy efficient and allows for fast operation of the 400 ton press.
  • The wet-press is heavily engineered for reliability, consistency and longevity.
  • Through years of experience we are able offer a variety of product designs and technical support.
  • Removable moulds and a simple mould change ensure a variety of products can be manufactured on a common press.
  • Smart design allows easy access for cleaning, maintenance and mould changing.
  • Volumetric concrete dosing ensures consistency of product height.
  • Programmable drives enable machine optimisation for each specific product, which reduces cycle times.
  • Windows-based operator interface allows for ease of use and connectivity.
  • The system offers menu-based product selection for fast changeover times.
  • Management data, control system monitoring, fault diagnosis and maintenance information is readily available from the operator interface.
  • Remote support is available for easy off-site diagnostic assistance to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Standard components are readily available, ensuring maximum uptime.


Our wet-press plants are available with various options including:

Batching and mixing plants

PMSA® supplies full, custom-designed concrete batching and mixing plants suited specifically for client and plant requirements including:

  • Screening of aggregates
  • Weighing and batching of materials
  • Mixing of concrete
  • Transportation of wet concrete to the wet-press via shaftless screws that are easy to operate and maintain

Curing solutions

PMSA® supplies concrete curing solutions for wet-press production plants. Curing solutions control relative humidity (moisture) and temperature within the curing chambers (environment), creating optimal curing conditions for the fastest and maximum strength gain, quick turnaround time of products, and minimised cement usage and product surface damage.

Wet-press product and pallet handling

The product handling systems can range from manual to fully automated systems and are adapted to suit various applications and production capacities with options on:

  • Forklift transportation of curing pallets to and from curing chambers
  • Fully automated transport system for moving curing pallets to and from curing chambers
  • Hand-mechanical product packing
  • Fully automated product packing
  • Robotic product packing systems
  • Various pallet handling and magazine options to suit client requirements

Concrete circular saws

  • For cutting kerbstones into shorter sections, as required.

PMSA®, Pan Mixers®, Built to Last® and the PMSA® Company Logo are registered trade marks


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