PMSA® supplies a comprehensive range of FINKE oxide dosing systems for the colouring of concrete end-products.

The dosing systems are designed to be used for the colouring of concrete roof tiles, bricks, blocks, pavers, ready-mix concrete and mortar.

This solution provides the lowest cost of operation, consistency, accuracy, colour uniformity and repeatability of customised colours in a clean, dust-free environment while minimising waste. The weighing accuracy and high speed metering of pigments contribute to significant cost savings. The cost of oxide is a significant cost in production of coloured concrete and by minimising waste of oxide through automated oxide dosing significant savings can be achieved.

PMSA® has partnered with Finke, the world leaders in oxide dosing technology, to supply the FINKE Universal System for automatically metering pigments. The oxide metering and dosing system is designed to be used with any industrial-scale concrete colouring application.

The Universal System has 3 main elements: pigment storage, weighing and conveying.

Pigment storage

For greater flexibility, economy and ease of handling the system is designed for use with conventional bulk bags. These bulk bags, typically containing 1 000 kg of powder pigment, are placed into a heavy-duty support frame using a forklift, making rapid changeover of bags easy. Integrated discharge support allows for efficient and complete discharge of the pigments.

Pigment weighing

The weighing system is housed in a dust-proof casing, which has detachable side panels for easy access. Frequency controlled conveyors provide extremely high metering speeds and simultaneous weighing accuracy. Complex colours containing more than one pigment ingredient can be produced from a few basic pigment colours. The short cycle times and weighing accuracy make it particularly suitable for high-volume concrete applications, such as for paving stones, blocks and architectural precast elements.


After the pigment batch has been accurately weighed it is delivered through pneumatic air conveying directly to the concrete mixer. The transfer from ground level to the mixer level gives greater installation flexibility and enables fitment to both new and existing concrete plants.

The system offers repeatable, brighter colours, wear-resistant surfaces and even texture. The colour is UV resistant, oil resistant and reduces efflorescence in paving and roof tiles.

The oxide dosing machinery is Built to Last® resulting in a low cost of ownership over decades of operation.

Features & Benefits

The features and benefits of the Finke Universal Oxide Dosing System include:

  • Using bulk bags, the system can blend any colour using only a few basic primary pigment colours, which results in cost savings and reduced inventory.
  • Maximum flexibility because both powder and granular pigments can be used.
  • High weighing accuracy and high-speed metering improves cycle times and creates greater efficiency.
  • Operational reliability and technical innovations result in your plant being more productive.
  • The patented pigment Finke blending process is virtually dust free, resulting less waste and greater cost savings.
  • The design of the plant allows for easy oxide bulk-bag loading and handling.
  • Pre-assembled system allows for fast installation.
  • A cyclone and reverse jet-pulse system extracts fine particles of cement, aggregate and pigment dust from the mixer and returns the dust to the mixer during the same cycle which results in virtually no loss of pigment or cement.


Alternatives oxide dosing systems are available, including:

  • Liquid pigment dosing and blending systems
  • Oxide bagging and dosing systems

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