PMSA® supplies a comprehensive range of concrete ready-mix batching plants and ready-mix trucks which are Built to Last®, ensuring a low cost of ownership and operation and increased profit for the plant owner.

PMSA® has partnered with IMER, leaders in concrete ready-mix batching plants ranging from mobile solutions (25 m3/h) to top-of-range fixed solutions (over 150 m3/h capacity), with planetary mixers for smaller plants (less than 60 m3/h) or twin shaft mixers for larger plants.

The range of ready-mix and on-site concrete batching plants include:

  • ORU-DAY (70, 100, 110, 125 and 130 m3/h capacity plants)
  • ORU-ONE-DAY (75 and 105 m3/h capacity plants)
  • ORU-MULTIS (30 and 55 m3/h capacity plants)
  • ORU-DNK (80, 100, 120 and 130 m3/h capacity plants)
  • BTK (15 and 25 m3/h capacity plants)

To complement the batching plants, we offer ready-mix trucks with drum capacities of 6 m3 or 8 m3 suited for both wet and dry batching plants (larger ready-mix trucks are also available up to 14 m3 drum capacity).

Our IMER concrete batching plants and ready-mix concrete mixers are Built to Last®, resulting in a low lifetime cost of ownership and operation.

Features & Benefits

The features and benefits of the IMER concrete ready-mix batching plants and IMER ready-mix trucks include:

Ready-mix batching plants

  • The plants are pre-assembled and pre-wired, reducing installation time
  • Compact design reduces the plant’s footprint
  • Engineered for fast mixing times to increase production
  • Available in a wide range of configurations to suit customer requirements
  • Plants are hot-dipped galvanised for extend time and reduced corrosion

Ready-mix trucks

  • An adjustable sub-frame allows the ready-mix drums to be mounted on a wide range of truck chassis
  • Drums are constructed using wear-resistant steel for long drum life
  • The ready-mix drum design is suitable for wet batching or Karoo style dry batching plants
  • Robust PMP hydraulic and gearbox system are used for easy part availability and reduced down time

Optional Equipment

Our range of IMER concrete batching plants are available with various options including:

Mixer options, loading options and aggregate bins

  • For smaller batching plants we offer
    • Planetary pan type pan mixers.
    • Loaderskip or belt feed options.
    • Small or medium bins for aggregate storage.
  • For larger batching plants we offer
    • Twin shaft horizontal concrete mixers.
    • Loaderskip or belt feed options.
    • Medium or Large bins for aggregate storage.

Silos bolted and welded options

  • Bolted knockdown 60, 100 and 120 ton silos are available for sea freight and quick assembly onsite in remote locations.
  • For standard installation where road freight is possible we offer 60, 100, 150 and 200 ton cement silos with abnormal load road transport.

Other plant options include

  • Bin side extensions for increase aggregate storage.
  • Steel ramps for quick plant set-up.
  • Moisture probes for accurate moisture compensation when batching fine and coarse aggregates and sands.
  • Add-mixture tanks options for single or multiple add-mixtures.
  • Pre-cast foundations for easy set-up and moving to new site locations.

PMSA®, Pan Mixers®, Built to Last® and the PMSA® Company Logo are registered trade marks


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