The sealing solution for weathering, staining and efflorescence protection of concrete paver products

ProSeal™ is an environmentally friendly, aqueous, 100% solvent-free polymer dispersion. Concrete paving product surfaces treated with this product have an exterior seal coating which reduces the penetration of external impurities and the formation of efflorescence.

Features & Benefits

ProSeal™ can be applied to fresh and dry finished surfaces (such as sand-blasted, ground, washed or polished surfaces). If applied on the dry side, infrared heaters are required to fast-dry the sealer before pacing into packs. The surface must be free of dust, loose particles, grease, oil and other impurities that could interfere with a bond forming between the sealer and the concrete paver surface.

The treated surfaces are protected against dirt build-up, oil stains, mud, hail and environmental pollution. ProSeal™ and ProSeal Plus™ will also improve the colour intensity and marketability of concrete paving products.

ProSeal™ and ProSeal™ Plus should be evenly applied to a surface using the SPA spraying system.

SPA spraying system:

  • For wet or cured products
  • Easy integration into the production board handling system
  • Precisely adjustable application quantity ensures efficient use of the sealant
  • Short installation time
  • Adaptable to various production board sizes
  • Uniform sealer application
  • Sturdy and reliably built
  • Low maintenance
  • Requires infrared heaters when used on dry products

PMSA®, Pan Mixers®, Built to Last ®,ProSeal™, ProSeal Plus™ and the PMSA Company Logo are registered trade marks


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