PMSA® supplies Rock-Solid-Moulds for the brick, block and paver making industry. The moulds are durable, modular (allowing for certain parts to be reused) and Built to Last®. Moulds consist of a tamper section (top frame, shoe supports and shoes) and a mould-box (base) section.

Rock-Solid-Moulds are made from heavy-duty, wear-resistant steel with thick outer liners to ensure longevity, stability and rigidity – everything you need from a mould. The dimensional accuracy ensures less downtime and longer production runs per mould, resulting in decreased running costs on a brick, block and paver making plant.

For large machines a reusable, long-life mould-box frame with replaceable inserts and wear plates are available. The tamper is designed to have a long-life and uses replaceable bolted shoes and components.

PMSA® offers the following Rock-Solid-Moulds, among others:

  • Pavers (rectangular, interlocking, permeable, cobble, etc.)
  • Blocks (hollow, decking, breeze and retaining)
  • Grass blocks
  • Kerbstones (industrial, municipal and garden)
  • Special applications (moving cores and draw bars)

Top quality Rock-Solid-Moulds are designed and built for both standard and custom manufactured products. Complete moulds and mould-box inserts are available.

Features & Benefits

Interchangeable inserts and replaceable mould-box components:

  • Precision engineered for high quality and high accuracy of concrete products.
  • Wear-resistant steel for longer wear life of the mould.
  • Wear plates are replaceable, resulting in lower production costs.
  • Individually replaceable components include:
    • Wear plates
    • Mould-box inserts
    • Wear surface on mould-box tray
    • Liner plates (for hollow block moulds)

Reusable and durable tampers

  • Reusable tamper results in up to 20% saving when ordering a new mould by reusing an existing tamper.
  • PMSA® Rock-Solid-Moulds can yield over 100 000 drops on pavers and 80 000 drops on blocks with a re-shoe, ensuring product quality and dimensional accuracy is maintained.
  • Extra thick tamper plate and tamper-shoe supports limit bending during vibration, resulting in reduced vibration time, increased compaction and higher concrete product strength with reduced cement percentage.
  • Holes in the tamper-shoe supports allow for quick and easy cleaning, preventing material build-up on the shoes.

Range of Moulds available

Rock-Solid-Moulds for pavers

  • Bond brick, interlocking, permeable paving, cobble and custom designs
  • Mould-box insert made from imported, hard-wearing steel
  • Blind nibs available

Rock-Solid-Moulds for hollow and solid blocks

  • Open, semi-closed or closed core moulds with a wall thickness of 25 mm to 32 mm
  • Welded top and bottom liner plates for extra rigidity
  • Stainless steel core bars for extra strength and durability
  • Heavy-duty, wear-resistant outer mould plates for rigidity and wear life

Rock-Solid-Moulds for grass blocks

  • Soil erosion, soil stabilising and road surfacing blocks
  • Designed and manufactured to customer’s specifications
  • Mould-box insert made from imported, hard-wearing steel

Rock-Solid-Moulds for kerbstones

  • For large capacity block making machines
  • Designed and manufactured to customer’s specifications

PMSA®, Pan Mixers®, Built to Last®, Rock-Solid-Moulds and the PMSA® Company Logo are registered trade marks


Rock Solid Moulds Spec Sheet

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