The PMSA® P25 counter-current laboratory pan mixer is designed specifically for laboratory testing applications. It is also ideal for specialist mixing applications, such as mixing resins, clays and powders. The P25 is Built to Last®.

The P25 counter-current laboratory pan mixer has a dry loading capacity of 25 litres and a tilting mixing arm for easy access to the pan. The pan can be easily removed from the turntable giving you the option of preparing several mixes, with multiple pans when required. You can switch pans as the mix is being discharged from the first pan. This is a useful feature when working with pigment, concrete, epoxy and similar mixes.

Features & Benefits

For a larger laboratory counter-current pan mixer option, view the P50.

  • This sturdy laboratory counter current pan mixer is designed for testing applications.
  • The pan is driven through a separate 0.37 kW motor and gearbox with allows for an intensive counter current mixing action.
  • Suitable for specialised mixing applications (resins, clays, pigments, clays, powders, etc.).
  • The P25 has a tilting mixing star and spring-loaded wall-scraper for easy access.
  • The removable pan allows for mixing with a separate pan while the mix is being discharged from the first pan (if multiple pans are purchased).

Technical Specs

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The P25 counter-current laboratory pan mixer can be supplied with a loading trolley for easy pan removal and loading.

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