PMSA® offers upgrades to both PMSA® machinery and well-built competitor brick, block and paver making machines, allowing technology advances to transform an old plant into a modern production line.

Companies are able to increase their productivity and product quality, and set themselves on a new growth path through optimising processes, upgrading key components and investing in the latest technologies.

PMSA® offers upgrades, including hydraulic proportional valves, UltraVibe CVS™ (Continuous Vibration System), closed-loop control, variable speed drives (VSD), PLC and SCADA control systems for better control, improved plant performance, improved productivity and ultimately an increase in profit.

Typical upgrades and their benefits include:

  • Proportional hydraulic valves allowing for smoother machine operation and faster cycle times with more precise movements, saving seconds during each cycle and improving production by thousands of units per month.
  • Closed loop control with proportional valves and encoders results in smooth and precise movement of tamper, mould, feeder-box and production board feeders for faster cycle times, lower maintenance costs and extended component life.
  • Moisture measuring and control is offered where automatic batching is in use. Moisture measuring and control systems assist clients in achieving cement reduction, improved productivity, less rejects and more consistent end-products.
  • Variable speed drive (VSD) systems are added to block machines and result in time savings of up to three seconds per cycle with a minimal capital outlay.
  • UltraVibe CVS™ (Continuous Vibration System) is a top-of-range, continuous, independent 4-motor vibration system with instant amplitude and frequency control and parameters that can be adjusted in less than 0.2 of a second. The UltraVibe CVS™ provides faster cycle times, high vibration energy and smoother operation, resulting in maximum product density and compaction, lower energy consumption and less wear and tear on the block machine.
  • SCADA control systems are offered on automated plants suited to customers’ needs. The system provides users with a visual and graphic representation of plant operations, which can be viewed on site or remotely on digital devices. The ability to view live operations and extract historical data to optimise plant performance give plant owners and managers peace of mind while being able to monitor plant performance remotely from anywhere in the world.

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