The PMSA® V500 is the largest in the turbine pan mixer range and is ideal for specialised mixing of wet and dry concrete, refractory materials, powders, plaster, shotcrete, screed and foundry materials. It is ideal for mixing concrete to manufacture bricks, blocks, paving bricks, pre-cast products, cold bitumen, plaster and mortar mixing.

The V500 is Built to Last® with a heavy-duty design and spring-loaded mixing arms and tools, ensuring extended wear life. It has a maximum dry filling capacity of 500 litres or 750 kg, it is supplied with a choice of electric motor voltages (400 V or 525 V).

For smaller capacity turbine pan mixers, view the V300, V200 and V100.

Typical industries and applications for the V500 turbine pan mixer

  • Brick, block and paver manufacture
  • Kerbstone plants
  • Lintel manufacture
  • Wet-cast paving products
  • Concrete piping and manhole elements
  • Stabilised compressed earth brick and block manufacture
  • Cold asphalt and bitumen mixing
  • Manufacture of floor and wall tile cement adhesives and grouts
  • Mixing of powders
  • Agriculture for mixing fertilizer and animal feeds
  • Mining underground and surface concrete

Features & Benefits

PMSA®’s V500 turbine pan mixer is Built to Last® and the perfect medium size turbine pan mixer. Features of the V500 turbine pan mixer include:

  • Heavy duty, robust design with spring-loaded mixing arms and wear tools for extended wear life.
  • The five-bladed sprung mixing star has inner and outer wall scrapers, driven in an anti-clockwise direction by a 15 kW planetary geared motor unit.
  • Safety grid and limit switch for automatic cut-out.
  • The hand-lever operated, segmented bottom discharge gate is self-cleaning.
  • Available with multiple discharge gates to discharge to more than one machine.
  • The mixing star has an inner wall-scraper to reduce concrete build up.
  • The pan floor and wall are lined with easily replaced wear segments, ensuring maximum cost-efficiency, minimal downtime and long operating life of the turbine pan mixer.
  • Loader skip capacity of 500 litres available in tilting type or bottom discharge for low dust emission:
    • 4 kW winch drive with flanged electro-magnetic brake.
    • Rope drum with upper and lower limit switches.
    • Upper emergency limit switch and panel.
  • The turbine pan mixer is supplied (pre-wired) with a starter/isolator

Technical Specs

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Optional Items

Upgrade your V500 mixer with various available options

The V500 turbine pan mixer is available with several options.

  • Tilting or bottom discharge loader skip for turbine pan mixers mounted on a platform for easy filling
  • Customised weigh batching systems to suit customer requirements
  • Pan floor-mounted microwave moisture sensing equipment
  • Available on a trailer for mobility and on-site work
  • Multiple discharge gates
  • Electro-pneumatic operated discharge gate for automation
  • Ceramic lining and tungsten carbide wear resistant tooling for extended wear life
  • Dust cover (note: dust cover replaces safety grid)

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V500 Turbine Pan Mixer Spec Sheet

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