PMSA® provides a variety of options for the removal and packing of cured concrete products from production boards into packs. An Eco off-packing system is an alternative to a Davit swing-arm pneumatic off-packing system.

The system uses twin packing-heads, with a two-sided product grab to pack two packs of finished products at a time. This is an electro-pneumatic off-packaging system with an electric transverse drive for accurately moving finished product from the chain conveyor to either a roller or slat conveyor for strapping.

The Eco off-packing system is suitable for bricks, pavers, maxi bricks and hollow blocks in a high-volume production environment. The system can be used with gantry and chain conveyors, as well as indoor systems with a stacker and de-stacker.

The Eco off-packing system is a cost effective electro-pneumatic off-packing system that can be used with the RE1400, RE1400-LITE, VB4X, VB4 brick, block and paver making plants.


PMSA® customers have found the Eco off-packing system to be a viable option in high-volume plants with up to 2 500 production boards per 9-hour shift. The electro-pneumatic off-packaging system is the first step in reducing labour in the transfer of products from production boards to packs.


Design features of the Eco off-packing system include electro-pneumatic operation for high productivity and reliable operation. Its powerful twin two-sided grab makes it possible to rapidly pack and move 2 packs at a time. The precise operation afforded by the system reduces breakages and waste with minimal hassle and downtime.

Built to Last®

Buy once, buy right! Engineered to be rapid and robust, the system is Built to Last® and customers have been able to operate the system successfully for decades.

Features & Benefits

PMSA®’s Eco off-packing system is Built to Last® and used for large size brick, block and paver making plants. Features include:


  • Robustly constructed portal frame ensures minimal deflection and longevity of the structure.
  • Rack-and-pinion drive with slotted height control allows for rapid and accurate vertical movement during packing of products.
  • Electric transverse drive ensures accurate placement of finished product into packs.
  • Dual 2-sided grab has the advantage of packing 2 packs at the same time.
  • Weatherproof system for indoor or outdoor operation.

Options & Upgrades

Build your plant with various options

  • Can be supplied with optional roller or slat conveyor for accumulation of finished packs.

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Eco Off-Packing System Spec Sheet

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