PMSA® provides complete mixing and weigh batching systems that are designed to customer requirements, taking into account the number of aggregates and size of the mixer, and come with a choice of manual or automated controls.

The star bulkhead and scraper systems are mechanised options for handling and weighing aggregates and are the most cost effective weigh batching systems available.

These systems are tried and tested and have been used successfully for decades. They have the ability to store up to 4 aggregates in large capacities, depending on the size of the bulkhead and reach of the scraper.

The bulkhead and scraper systems offer different options and sizes of scrapers to match the needs of your batching plant including:

  • Hand radial scraper – Used for mixer sizes up to 500 litres and incorporates a winch-powered, walk-behind scraper.
  • Radius lift arm scraper (bucket scraper) – Used for mixer sizes up to 1 000 litres and incorporates an automated sprocket driven link chain with buckets for continuous aggregate feed.
  • Cab operated boom scraper – Used for mixer sizes from 500 litres to 2 000 litres, incorporating a closed operator cabin with boom and winch powered scraper.

To achieve consistency in concrete products, it is important to accurately weigh and batch each of the components going into the concrete.

An aggregate scale is used to accurately weigh aggregates which discharge directly into a mixer loader skip or onto an incline belt loading the mixer. The bulkhead and scraper systems are available for mixers with capacities ranging from 300 to 2 000 litres.

We offer moisture measuring and control systems, compensating the aggregate depending on the level of moisture in individual aggregates.

An alternative to the bulkhead and aggregate scraper system is the aggregate bin and weighing system which is also suitable for larger batching and mixing plants with mixers size over 2 000 litres.

Features & Benefits

PMSA® offers a range of Built to Last® bulkhead and scraper systems that weigh quickly, accurately and repeatedly for every batch while compensating for varying flows in the aggregates. This results in the final product being consistent and of a high quality. Each system has a range of features and associated benefits which allow for accurate and consistent batching for decades. The features of these systems include:


  • PMSA® supplies bulkheads with up to 4 compartments. This enables you to accurately weigh up to 4 different aggregate materials.
  • Each division of the bulkhead is fitted with a hand operated or pneumatic (optional) discharge gate, allowing you to operate aggregate gates individually.
  • Material flows from each compartment into a single aggregate scale, suspended on 3 load cells, for accurately batching and weighing the mix.
  • The scale door is either manually or pneumatically (optional) controlled and discharges the aggregates into a mixer loading bucket (loader skip) for charging any mixer from 300 litres to 2 000 litres.
  • The system is controlled from the mixer platform with a scale display for simple operation.
  • It comes with the option of fully automatic PLC control with a touchscreen for recipe selection. This allows for higher precision operation when integrated with automatic batching, including cement, water and mixing sequences.

Hand radial scraper

  • The walk behind HS3 hand radial scraper is used to continually place aggregates above the bulkhead discharge gates and is an alternative to manually filling a loader skip.
  • The hand radial scraper allows for easy operation while walking behind the scraper.
  • A winch pulls the scraper towards the bulkhead for easy loading of aggregates.
  • The operator controls the hand radial scraper using a remote control push button to activate the winch and pull the scraper.

Radius lift arm scraper (bucket scraper)

  • The radius lift arm scraper is used to continually feed aggregate into the aggregate scale and is an alternative to manually filling a loader skip.
  • The radial lift arm scraper is hydraulically driven and automatically controlled without the need for an operator.
  • A sprocket driven link chain and bucket system continuously pulls aggregates into the scale for effective loading.
  • The system can accommodate up to 3 separate radius lift arms.

Cab operated boom scraper

  • An operator seated in a closed cab controls the movement of the boom and aggregate scraper, offering comfort and increased productivity compared to a walk behind HS3 hand radial scraper.
  • The boom scraper is used to continually place aggregates above the bulkhead discharge gate. Depending on size of batch required or mixer being used, different sizes (7.5 kW or 11 kW) of cab-operated boom scrapers are available.


The following options are available for bulkhead and scraper systems:

Moisture measuring and control

  • Microwave moisture sensors can be installed at the discharge points for each aggregate, which allows the automated weigh batching system to immediately compensate for the amount of moisture in each aggregate by instantaneously changing the batch weight for each aggregate depending on the aggregate moisture during weighing off.
    • This ensures consistency of each aggregate for every mix, resulting in consistent concrete with less variation in the flowability and strength.
    • This means more consistent production capacity and product strengths, eliminating variability, resulting in increased productivity and lower production costs.


  • Automation of the weigh batching can be integrated by adding PLC control and pneumatic operation of the discharge gates of the aggregate scale.

Topping feed

  • Directional belt feeding of both the base mix and topping feed loader skips can be added as an alternative to a mixer standing on the ground loading the topping feed feeder-box with an incline belt.

Oxide dosing

  • Oxide dosing can be added if required for the colouring of paver and concrete products.
  • PMSA® offers the FINKE oxide doing systems as an option to manual loading of oxides into the mixer.

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