PMSA® offers a board on board system with forklift handling of product and production boards. This system is manually operated. The boards are transferred by forklift into a curing room which can be supplied with various curing solutions including a circulation, heating or vapour system. The curing room provides a controlled curing environment for the initial 24-hour curing period and results in better product finish, higher early strengths and less product damages and waste during product packing.

From the brick, block and paver making machine the production boards with wet concrete product are transferred into a 5-stage board on board stacker, which can utilise spacers between the boards or used without spacers between boards. A forklift with special frames, collects the production boards with wet concrete products and transfers them into the curing room. A second forklift moves the production boards with cured products from the curing room to the board on board de-stacker. From the de-stacker, cured concrete products are off-packed and the production boards are returned to the brick, block and paver making machine. Various product off-packing solutions are available for packing of cured concrete products.

A board on board with forklift system is an effective solution and ideal for RE1400-LITE, VB4X, VB4, VB1X and VB1 plants.


PMSA® customers have found the board on board system with forklift system reduces labour costs and improves turnaround times on their production boards.

This system allows for faster product handling, making the plant more productive for increased profitability. The board on board system is ideal for production cycles from 11 seconds per cycle.


Design features of the board on board forklift system include a 5-stage, single production board stacker and de-stacker, suitable for 2.0-ton forklifts. Precision engineering ensures accurate stacking of production boards in the stacker, allowing for quick transfer into the curing rooms as well as reducing wear and damage to production boards due to mechanised handling of the boards. The curing system can also be adapted to incorporate the latest curing solutions available from PMSA®, including our circulation, vapour and heating system for the best curing performance of concrete products.

Built to Last

Buy once, buy right! The board on board system is Built to Last® for decades and operates with minimal hassle and reduced downtime, resulting in PMSA® customers enjoying greater success.

Features & Benefits

PMSA®’s board on board with forklift system is Built to Last® and is ideal for medium to large capacity brick, block and paver plants. Features include:


  • A 5-stage stacker and de-stacker that can be easily incorporated into existing brick, block and paver making plants for improved productivity and a reduction in plant labour.
  • A 5-stage stacker and de-stacker system allows 5 production boards with products to be stacked ready for transport into curing room using a conventional forklift.
  • Heavy-link chain and robust engineering on the stacker and de-stacker for increased longevity of the unit.
  • Stacker and de-stacker have fewer moving parts, requiring less maintenance of the units.
  • A single curing environment allows for consistent product curing and higher strength of end-products.
  • Having compact curing rooms’ results in a reduced footprint of the plant.

Options & Upgrades

Build your plant with various available options

Various curing solutions are available depending on product requirements:

  • Circulation and heating is available for the curing environment to produce consistent quality and strength concrete products
  • Vapour curing for blocks and non-paving products for higher strength end-products

Product off-packing systems

  • Swing arm pneumatic off-packing system
  • Eco off-packing system
  • Premium off-packing system
  • ULTRA off-packing system

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