PMSA® offers a curing solution with a finger and transfer car for product and production board handling. The transfer car system can be either manual or fully automated. Curing chambers can be supplied with various curing solutions including a circulation, heating or vapour system. This provides a controlled curing environment for the initial 24-hour curing period. This solution results in the best product finishes, highest early strengths and least product damage and waste.

From the brick, block and paver making machine, the production boards with wet concrete products are transferred into either a 14 or 22 stage stacker. The production boards are then transported by either a manual or fully automated finger and transfer car into individual curing racks.

A curing chamber with a finger and transfer car is the most efficient product and production board handling system. A key difference with this system is that the finger and transfer system runs on rails in a set grid, resulting in optimal efficiency. When fully automated, the system is controlled through a PLC and SCADA system for maximum plant performance and efficiency.

An advantage of a fully automated finger and transfer car system is the ability to house the stacker and de-stacker within the curing room environment to capture the heat of hydration during the initial curing period and harness the free energy to heat the curing room.

After the initial 12-24 hour period, the finger and transfer car moves the production boards with cured products from the curing chambers to the de-stacker. From the de-stacker, cured concrete products are off-packed and the production boards are returned to the brick, block and paver making machine. Various product off-packing solutions are available for the packing of the cured concrete products into packs before being moved to the storage yard.

This system is ideal for ULTRA-3000, RE1400, RE1400-LITE, VB4X and VB4 plants.


PMSA® customers have found curing chambers with a finger and transfer car system offers the highest efficiency. Requiring just a single operator for the manual system, or no operator for the automatic system, it can reduce labour costs. By incorporating a closed curing chamber, curing times are sped up and turnaround time on production boards reduced.

Production performance: This is the most productive system and capable of handling production cycles under 10 seconds.


Design features of the finger and transfer car system include the use of either double production boards per stage up to 14 stages, or single production boards per stage up to 22 stages, for maximum efficiency. The electro-hydraulic transfer car is manufactured using advanced quality components and modern engineering designs to ensure fast, precise movement of production boards into and out of the curing chamber.

Stages can also be optimised for product heights and the curing system can be adapted to incorporate the latest curing solutions available from PMSA® through Kraft Curing including a circulation, vapour and heating system to suit the required curing environment.

Built to Last®

Buy once, buy right! This product handling system, including curing chambers with a finger and transfer car, is Built to Last® and has been operated by PMSA® customers for decades with minimal hassle and reduced downtime, resulting in a continually increasing return on investment.

PMSA®, Pan Mixers®, Built to Last® and the PMSA® Company Logo are registered trade marks.

Features & Benefits

PMSA®’s curing chambers with finger and transfer car systems are Built to Last® and are best used for large to ultra-large size brick, block and paver making plants. Features include:


  • Curing chambers with a finger and transfer car system including a stacker and de-stacker can be incorporated into existing block plants for improved production and automated product and board handling.
  • A 14 or 22 stage stacker and de-stacker system allows for 28 (14 x 2) or 22 production boards with products to be stacked ready for transport into the curing chambers.
  • Adjustable fingers on the finger car can accommodate different product heights.
  • Heavy-link chain and robust engineering on the stacker and de-stacker for increased longevity of the unit.
  • The stacker and de-stacker have few moving parts for low maintenance of the units.
  • A single curing environment allows for consistent product curing and higher strength end-products.
  • The fully automated finger and transfer car results in a plant that is not operator dependent, offering increased efficiency.
  • The fully automated finger and transfer car can operate automatically in an enclosed curing chamber.
  • Rotation option on the finger car allows for curing chambers to be positioned opposite the block machine for increased plant efficiency.
  • A compact 14 or 22 stage curing room results in the most efficient use of production space.

Options & Upgrades

Build your plant with various options

Various curing solutions are available depending on product requirements

  • Circulation and heating systems are available for the curing environment to produce consistent quality end-products
  • Vapour curing for blocks and non-paving products for higher strength end-products

Finger and transfer car options

  • Rotating finger car for stacking opposite the block machine
  • Adjustable fingers for different product heights
  • Fully automated finger and transfer car with SCADA and PLC control
  • Tropicalized electrical controls and heated lasers are offered for fully enclosed, high humidity curing environments

Stacker and de-stacker options

  • Production board stacker and de-stackers with either single or double pallets per stage.
  • Double up to 14 stages or single up to 22 stages

Product off-packing systems

  • Swing arm pneumatic off-packing system
  • Eco off-packing system
  • Premium off-packing system
  • ULTRA off-packing system

PMSA®, Pan Mixers®, Built to Last® and the PMSA® Company Logo are registered trade marks


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