The market-leading PMSA® ULTRA-3000 brick, block and paver making machine is the top-of-range ultra large capacity machine with over 40 new features. This powerful concrete brick, block and paver making machine, with cycles times from 10 seconds (depending on product), can produce 283 269 bricks, 160 514 pavers, 43 897 hollow blocks (140 mm width) or 9 180 kerbstones (figure 7) on a standard board size (1 400 mm x 1 100 mm) per 9-hour shift. The machine can use steel, wood or composite production boards (1 400 mm x 1 100 mm). The ULTRA-3000 is designed for production board sizes up to 1 500 mm wide x 1 400 mm.

The ULTRA-3000 includes the top of range 4-motor UltraVibe CVS™ (Continuous Vibration System) with instant amplitude and frequency control independent from each other with both parameters adjustable in less than 0.2 of a second. The UltraVibe CVS™ provides faster cycle times, high vibration energy and smoother operation resulting in maximum product density and compaction, lower energy consumption and less wear and tear on the block machine.

The ULTRA-3000 is designed to consistently produce high quality bricks, industrial strength pavers, hollow blocks, decking blocks, retaining wall blocks, garden kerbs, industrial strength infrastructure kerbstones as well as special products from 35 mm up to 500 mm height. The PMSA® Ultra-3000 is Built to Last® owing to its robust heavy-duty tubular frame.

The machine meets the requirements for continuous multi-shift operation. Due to the high productivity, technology and life span of the ULTRA-3000, it will produce a full range of standard and specialised high quality industrial strength products with low production costs for decades.


PMSA® customers have found the ULTRA-3000 is capable of exceeding production capacities. The technology used in the ULTRA-3000 allows for dependable output every day.

With mechanised mould changing of 4 minutes, the ULTRA-3000 is ideal for manufacturing a wide range of products at high production capacity during each production shift. The technology, highest precision components and specialised wear-resistant materials used in the ULTRA-3000 ensures dependable multi-shift output every day. Designed to withstand the stresses of demanding use.

Due to PMSA®’s excellent market-leading technical and immediately available spare parts support, many PMSA® customers exceed the stated production capacities resulting in improved productivity and increased profits.


The ULTRA-3000 is the market leading ultra large capacity brick, block and paver making machine combining the latest global technologies including mechanical, hydraulic and UltraVibe CVS™ (Continuous Vibration System) integrated with electric and electronic controls.

Design features of the ULTRA-3000 block machine includes 4-motor UltraVibe CVS™, full PLC controlled operation, pneumatic mould and tamper clamping for fast mould box changing and a floating tamper.

Dual tamper low-friction bushes spaced 550 mm apart ensures maximum tamper stability (no-flexing) and no lateral or longitudinal movement. The 120 mm chrome shafts ensure rigidity and dimensional accuracy during mould movement eliminating wear on mould bushes.

The heavy-duty tubular frame is designed to not fail or crack after decades of working continuously under demanding multi-shift operating conditions.

The ULTRA-3000 includes heavy-duty tamper vibrators, precision product height control, servo hydraulic valves with encoders for closed loop control. These technical design features of the ULTRA-3000 result in lower cement consumption, high compaction, excellent dimensional consistency of products and fast cycle times from 10 seconds (depending on product).

PMSA® provides technology training and workshops for our customers to assist them in continually improving production, quality and profitability.

Built to Last®

Buy once, buy right! Having a machine that lasts for decades means you don’t have to replace your ULTRA-3000 every couple of years; it has been Built to Last®. PMSA®’s ULTRA-3000 brick, block and paver making machine will continue to produce profits that can be reinvested into expanding your business instead of replacing inferior equipment.

Our customer’s success stories prove the PMSA®’s Built to Last® philosophy, with customers operating ULTRA-3000 machinery on continuous multi-shift production. This results in PMSA® customers being more successful.

Features & Benefits

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PMSA®’s ULTRA-3000 is Built to Last® and has more than 40 top of range technology features, making it the market-leading ultra large capacity brick, block and paver making machine. Features of the ULTRA-3000 include:

Mechanical Features

  • Robust heavy-duty tubular frame for long-life and machine rigidity which results in the consistent production of quality products for decades.
  • Rigid machine and vibrator base frame contain the vibration and movement forces of the machine resulting in simpler flat slab foundations (without a pit) utilizing less concrete and lower civil costs.
  • Bolted machine frame and vibration table base frame allows for any frame component on the machine to be replaced, this also allows for the future changing of the vibrator table to suit a different production board size if ever required.
  • 120 mm hard chrome shafts provides a larger area for load bearing and no flexing which results in very stable guiding of both tamper and mould.
  • The 4 hard chrome shafts are connected through a solid frame to provide stability and even lifting and lowering of the clamped mould assembly eliminates all lateral or longitudinal movement of the mould.
  • Easily replaceable wear resistant guide shaft bushes for accurate tamper and mould box movement ensures dimensional consistency of products.
  • Machine pins are held in place with power-locks for longer component life and ease of replacement.

Vibration System Features

  • The Ultra-3000 comes standard with the UltraVibe CVS™ with fully adjustable vibration force up to 170 kN (approx. 17 tons).
  • Heavy engineered construction of the vibration table and vibrator boxes making them with 3-years maintenance-free vibrator boxes.
  • 4-motor UltraVibe CVS™ (continuous vibration system) with both instant force and frequency control independent from each other with both parameters adjustable in less than 0.2 of a second.
  • The UltraVibe CVS™ provides faster cycle times, high vibration energy and smoother operation resulting in maximum product density and compaction, reduced cement consumption, lower energy consumption and less wear and tear on the block machine.
  • UltraVibe CVS™ allows for specific vibration force and frequencies for each different product type resulting in optimal compaction to suit each product being manufactured as well as increased mould life.

Mould Filling and Feeder-box Features

  • The concrete silo bin has a specially designed silo door to create even feeder-box filling resulting in more consistent mould filling.
  • The concrete silo door is electrically operated with a variable speed drive to control the accuracy and speed of the dosing of concrete into the feeder-box.
  • The height of the concrete silo and feeder-box assembly is easily adjustable by electrically driven operation for different mould heights and quick mould changes.
  • A laser height sensor ensures accurate and consistent feeder-box filling.
  • Feeder-box and agitator run in enclosed rails with smooth linear movement resulting in faster and consistent mould filling.
  • The feeder-box and agitator have heavy-duty adjustable rollers for long-life and low wear.
  • The enclosed rails have replaceable upper and lower wear plates for long-life and ease of maintenance.
  • The feeder-box has moveable concrete dividers and bars to control filling for every different type of product being manufactured.
  • The feeder-box and agitator are as strong and light as possible so that the forces, wear and energy requirement of moving the feeder-box is reduced resulting in lower running costs.
  • High speed feeder-box agitator is fully controllable to optimise mould filling of a wide range of different products with varying heights.
  • Abrasion-resistant spring loaded side scrapers and pneumatic independently controlled front and rear scrapers reduce concrete spillage.
  • Topping/secondary feed options are available for kerbs, retaining wall blocks and ultra-smooth paving product surfaces.

Tamper and Mould Box Features

  • The tamper head is fitted with solid spacers instead of anti-vibration mountings and a fixed mechanical tamper lock for the manufacture of high products to ensure consistent height of the products up to 500 mm high.
  • Tamper rubbers are supported both in lifting and compression from over-travel to increase their lifespan.
  • The tamper is free floating which results in superior compaction of the concrete products with less vibration force required resulting in lower energy consumption and longer component life.
  • Heavy-duty mechanical tamper brake, fitted to the machine frame for easy maintenance, locks tamper movement during product de-moulding resulting in the highest quality products.
  • Top tamper vibrators ensure increased product density and a smoother top surface for paving slabs and products.
  • Tamper head low-friction bushes, spaced far apart, ensure maximum tamper stability and no lateral or longitudinal movement.
  • Sensors can be fitted to determine which part of the tamper reaches the product height first, allowing for automatic control to compensate for unequal mould filling.
  • The mould box and tamper are pneumatically clamped for fast mould changing as well as improved and focused vibration of the concrete product only (smart vibration system).

Hydraulic Features

  • Powerful hydraulic system with accumulators, servo proportional valves and encoders for closed loop feedback with variable speed operation resulting in smooth and precise movement of tamper, mould, feeder-box and production board feeder for faster cycle times, lower maintenance costs and extended component life.
  • The power pack has dual hydraulic pumps enabling the machine to run on a single pump in event of a breakdown.
  • The power pack with cooling system is separate from the valve stand allowing for both to be positioned suiting any plant requirement including replacement of other makes of machines in existing production plants.
  • The valve stand has a flexible hose connection to the machine for vibration damping to the valves.
  • The hydraulic fittings have a double seal arrangement for improved sealing and maintenance free operation.

PLC and SCADA Features

  • The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system include functionality for data storage, fault identification, programmed scheduled pre-emptive maintenance and timeous parts replacement, resulting in increased productivity and machine longevity.
  • Immediate screen warnings for oil filter blockages, overheating, scheduled maintenance or faults, requires a password to override the warnings which are logged to assist management in operator accountability.
  • All machine parameters can be changed using a touch-screen with graphic interface while the machine is in operation for instant adaptation to changing concrete mix characteristics without stopping the machine.
  • Graphic representation of the UltraVibe CVS™ parameters indicate if the vibration frequency and/or force exceeds normal parameters, prompting a code to be entered, confirming that standard operating parameters will be exceeded.
  • The controller is equipped with a modular dual communication system for all sensors, allowing for continuous communication in the event of cable fault or damage.
  • The PLC components and IO modules are easily replaced and do not require pre-programming.

Production Board Handling Features

Technical Specs

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Production Capacities

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Options & Upgrades

Build your plant with various available options

The ULTRA-3000 brick, block and paver making machine is upgradable with topping/secondary feed and various batching and product handling options.

ULTRA-3000 machine options

  • Topping/secondary feed for colouring the top of products
  • Topping/secondary feed feeder-box can be supplied with either powered roller for ultra-smooth product surfaces or powered horizontal tamper brush for products with a shaped tamper shoe such as kerbstones or retaining wall blocks
  • Multi-colour topping/secondary feed
  • Adjustable feeder-box agitator with rake and divider plates in the feeder-box
  • Ceramic lining of feeder-box tables
  • Tungsten coating of the wear strips
  • Davit arm for mould changing
  • Semi-automated mould changing for approximately 8 minute mould changes
  • Fully automated mould changing for fast 2 minute mould changes dependant on product
  • Mechanical tamper height stop for high products
  • Sensors to determine which part of the tamper reaches the product height first
  • Draw-sheet for the manufacture of special products.
  • Horizontal core puller
  • Polystyrene inserts for insulation of blocks
  • Moulds with moving inserts
  • Tamper shoe heaters
  • Sound-proof room for the hydraulic power pack and/or machine
  • Overhead crane for maintenance in the sound box

Weigh batching and mixing options

  • Automated aggregate weighing and feeding is designed to suit customer requirements
  • SCADA system for visual and animated graphics of weigh batching operation with parameter control and data capture
  • Admixture control and dosing
  • Moisture compensation in aggregates and moisture control in mixer
  • Oxide dosing system for the colouring of products
  • Batching options for multi-colour topping/secondary feed
  • Mixer capacity between 3 000 to 4 500 litre planetary pan mixer for base feed and 500 litre counter-current rapid pan mixer for topping/secondary feed

Production board, product handling and curing options (designed to suit customer needs)

  • Crane-beam overhead stacking gantry to remove wet product from the heavy-duty chain conveyor for stacking on either side. With the use of a second gantry, it can be used in conjunction with the PMSA® premium packing range.
  • Fork lift with production board spacers for reduced labour and lower capital investment cost, no curing chambers and optional PMSA® mechanised packing system.
  • Fully automatic product and production board handling using finger and transfer car for transportation to and from the curing chambers and automated packing of cured products as well as production board buffering and storage system.
  • Curing solutions available depending on plant design and customer requirements

PMSA®, Pan Mixers®, Built to Last®, UltaVibe CVSᵀᴹ and the PMSA® Company Logo are registered trade marks.


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