The PMSA® P2000 counter-current rapid pan mixer has a maximum dry filling capacity of up to 2 000 litres or 3 200kg. It has been designed for the specialised mixing of wet and dry concrete, refractory materials, powders, plasters, shotcrete, fibre concrete and foundry materials.

The robust P2000 rapid counter-current pan mixer is Built to Last® with heavy-duty, twin 15kW mixing stars turning clockwise and counter clockwise and a powerful 18.5 kW geared motor pan drive in a dust-proof enclosed design.

The P2000 is ideal for PMSA®’s VB4X-High-Performance, RE1400-LITE and RE1400 brick, block and paver making machines.

For smaller capacity counter-current rapid pan mixers, view the P1500, P1000 or P500.

For larger capacity mixers, PMSA® supplies a complete range of planetary pan mixers.

Typical industries and applications for the P2000 counter-current rapid pan mixer

  • Brick, block and paver making plants
  • Concrete ready-mix batching plants
  • Concrete roof tile plants
  • Concrete pipe plants
  • Concrete structural elements
  • Pre-stressed concrete elements and flooring
  • Dry adhesive mixing
  • Wet-cast paving products
  • Glass industry
  • Mixing of powders
  • Surface concrete for mining operations
  • Fertilizer plants

Features & Benefits

PMSA®’s P2000 counter-current rapid pan mixer is Built to Last® with top of range technology features, making it the market-leading large capacity counter-current rapid pan mixer. Features of the P2000 counter-current rapid pan mixer include:

  • The P2000 pan mixer is proven to be very reliable, requiring minimal maintenance, with all mixing parts easily replaceable.
  • The pan is carried on a sealed ball-bearing turntable for trouble-free maintenance.
  • The pan is driven by an 18.5 kW geared motor drive for intensive mixing.
  • The central floor discharge is operated by an electro-hydraulic power pack, suitable for automatic operation and remote control.
  • Two 4-bladed mixing stars with overhead 15 kW geared motor drives ensure thorough mixing of all material types due to the counter-current cross flow action of the P2000 pan mixer.
  • A 15 kW loader skip drive with electro-magnetic brake and cable drum ensures trouble free operation.
  • The control panel includes controls for upper and lower limit switches, an upper emergency limit switch and a slack-rope sensor.

Technical Specs

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Optional Items

Upgrade your P2000 mixer with various available options

The P2000 counter-current rapid pan mixer is available with several options.

  • The mixer can be purchased with or without a loader skip
  • High-speed agitator for intensive mixing
  • Tungsten carbide mixing arms and tools for extended life on mixing tools
  • Ceramic linings for pan wall and floors for extended life and lower maintenance
  • Mixer-mounted microwave moisture measuring equipment for automatic control of the water content in the mix

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